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Top Boy Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and a lot more

Netflix's Top Boy: Season 3

Top Boy Season 4 – After a break for six years, Top Boy returned in 2019 and took a huge jump from channel 4 to Netflix original. The executive producer Drake on board did the revival of the show, Kane Robinson and Ashley Walter returned to their character as friends to enemies and to what not.

Top Boy’s most epic season, running 10 seasons, saw Dushane leave Jamaica and return to Summerhouse to quiet down a violent drug dealer, only to discover that his old domain has altered in his absence. With Sully newly out of jail, the couple must confront a new challenge when a young, merciless Jamie (Michael Ward) tries to get them out of business and worse.

Another very latest episode stopped with Jamie in gaol, but taking into account an agreement with erstwhile foe Dushane, who was formerly again at conflict with Sully over the strategies he used to put on top – characterizing Jamie’s younger siblings for an offense they didn’t commit.

What’s the release date of Top Boy season 4?

Well, guys, the wait is over, Drake the executive producer of this show announced that there will be Top Boy season 4. Season 4 will release sometimes in 2020. In a post of Instagram Drake answered a fan’s question regarding Top Boy season 4 that of course there will be a revival of the show.

It’s still unclear whether there’s an impact of the COVID-19 pandemic over the show or not, or maybe it can become the reason for the delay of the show.

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Who is the cast for Top Boy season 4?

According to reports, we can expect following casts and characters, which will appease in season 4:

  •  Ashley Walters playing as Dushane
  • Kane Robinson playing as Sully
  • Michael Ward playing as Jamie
  • Simbi Ajikawo playing as Shelley
  • Jasmine Jobson playing as Jaq
  • Ashley Thomas playing as Jermaine Newton
  • Richie Campbell playing as Chris
  • Lisa Dwan playing as Lizzie
  • Josef Altin playing as Lee
  • Isla Jackson-Ritchie playing as Sarah
  • Giacomo Mancini playing as Gem Mustapha
  • Malcolm Kamulete playing as Ra’Nell Smith

What is the plot of Top Boy season 4?

What’s going to happen in season 4? There is only a little information about the storyline of the season 4. Dushane and Sully would obey as they govern Summerhouse.
The couple is expected to link up with former adversary Jamie. They have a piece of common knowledge about how to function in the drugs business.

Dushane also gave Jamie a way out of jail, after he took the responsibility off his brother for the Summerhouse assault on his house, which saw the police discover weapons from one of the dwellings.
The expectation is the story will continue from here in Top Boy season 4.

Is there any trailer for the Top Boy season 4?

There is no information yet about the release of the trailer. But there’s an expectation for the teaser that could be release before releasing the entire season by Netflix. Before the release of five episodes of the season three, there was no trailer till August 2019 for the season three.

Well,we have to waint until Top Boy Season 4 or its trailer release.


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