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Top 5 alternatives for Google Maps You Can Download

Top 5 alternatives for Google Maps You Can Download

Google Maps is one of the standalone mapping services on Android and iOS platforms used across the world but even after Google dumping millions of dollars to extend its horizons, it lacks few functionalities such as actual offline downloads or multi-point directions and much more. But trust me, there are many alternatives to Google Maps that you would love to try and in fact, I was surprised to see a list of all the mapping apps available on Google Play Store offering services more than what Google Maps offers unless Google manages to include some of the features as well.


Top 5 alternatives for Google Maps You Can Download
The first in the series of Google Maps alternatives is the HERE Maps app from Nokia which is freely available on Google Play Store. The app has abundant interest points and throws a much-detailed map at the users depending upon the location. HERE Maps has an internal mapping too, a feature that Google has recently rolled out but with Android Pie update only. The app truly stands strong with decent looking maps in different modes and of course, the user can download maps on an entire country that makes him/her carefree when roaming in a new country as it won’t need a data plan to access those truly offline maps. You can read the review on HERE WeGO Maps here. Download the app from Google Play Store and App Store here!


Top 5 alternatives for Google Maps You Can Download
If you are a driver or someone who loves slightly outdated-looking maps, Waze is something you should get in case if Google Maps goes for a toss on your device. Now, Google has already incorporated some of the data from Waze but there’s tons of data that Waze has that you can access by downloading it from the Play Store. The maps are detailed with features like police, traffic jams, hazard, gas prices, any accidents ahead that would help driver bypass it and much more. More importantly, it lets the user download an offline map, something which Google Maps hasn’t updated yet. We reviewed the Waze Maps here. Download it on Google Play Store and App Store.


Top 5 alternatives for Google Maps You Can Download
Yet another alternative for Google Maps that uses crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap database that offers detailed information about any location on the planet. It has a huge database with millions of point of interests, ATMs, transport, hotels, and much more. It has an unbelievable feature too, the user can actually download maps of all 345 countries and islands around the globe that makes it an impeccable and righteous mapping service. It does have features such as location sharing, orientation tracking, and more. Want to know more about this app, read its review here. Check out the app available on App Store and Google Play Store.


Top 5 alternatives for Google Maps You Can Download
Yet another impeccable alternative is MapQuest that lets the user check for public transportation in any part of the world. It displays quotes for Uber and other cab booking services and allows users to book right from the app itself. What’s more? It has re-routing feature as well as a feature that dictates how many calories the user could burn walking from point A to point B. It has features such as sights, attractions, satellite view, bookmarking, turn-by-turn navigation, best route, traffic overlays, audio-assisted navigation. Further, it detects speed cameras, slowdowns, construction sites, accidents and provides weather reports, etc.

Scout GPS

Top 5 alternatives for Google Maps You Can Download
Scout GPS uses OpenStreetMap database similar to MAPS.ME that provides it with features such as real-time traffic, parking information, thousands of points of interests and attractions, and more. The map looks decent without being flashy and looks clutter free even with traffic overlays. Check out the review here.

Google Maps is truly an outstanding mapping service available across all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, however, there are certain features that it doesn’t have or integrate but things are changing. I recommend using an app that features offline map downloads in case if you are visiting somewhere there is no network coverage or there’s no data plan. The users can compare maps from Google Maps as well as any other other apps as well for the best result. If you ask me to choose one of the alternatives mentioned, I would choose Nokia’s HERE Maps for sure.

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