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Too Hot to Handle Might Not Return, Here’s the reason behind it

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, although not very popular among the critics, was an immediate fan favourite. Season 1 of the show invited a bunch of good looking social media personalities to come and live together under the same roof in a luxurious setting. But just as things were starting to look up for our guests, the shocking announcement was made by the show’s virtual host Lana that anyone who fails to refrain from sexual activities during their stay, including kissing or even hugging will be penalized and lose money from their winning bounty. The will power of the contestants is put to the ultimate test as they try and keep their hands off each other, having to decide whether they prefer the money or the love.

The fans loved obsessing over their favorite matchups as they learned the true value of love, and are now hungry for a second season. According to some reports, Too Hot to Handle has very slim chances of returning with season 2. Seems, creators does not think about it. Only time will say if their mind changes, then they will announce it officially.

Here’s what we know about Too Hot to Handle Season 2 so far.

Release Date

Netflix hasn’t yet renewed Too Hot to Handle for another season, so for now it seems we’re all in the dark in this matter. A second season is not completely out of the question though, as Producer Louise Peet might plan season 2 as a follow up with the stars of season1.

Cast of Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle is a seasonal reality TV show and its cast is chosen from a huge number of contestants, but since season 2 hasn’t officially been renewed, it is anyone’s guess as to which faces we may see in the new season. What we are sure about is that in the off chance a second season is actually made, the cast members, whoever they may be, will be pretty as a picture, as dumb as a post, and will have limited self-control.

The only cast member we are sure will return beyond a doubt is the show’s virtual host Lana.

What to Expect from Too Hot to Handle

In the off-chance of a new season, expect the rules to be slightly or even completely altered since the set of rules from season 1 might fail to have the same surprising effect on the audience again and might even be considered a tad bit repetitive.

In short, we’re just as much in the dark about Too Hot to Handle’s second season as you are, but if new information does come to light, we’ll be one of the first to let you know.

Catch season 1 of Too Hot to Handle on Netflix if you haven’t already.


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