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Too Hot to Handle Season 2: will it happen?

Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, Too Hot to Handle will soon be updated for a second season. The show was first released on Netflix on 17th of April, 2020. Netflix will soon renew this famous reality game show.

We all watched the first season Too Hot To Handle season with eyes wide open and in awe of the cast as they tried to bond without getting to close to each other.

Desiree Burch who narrated the show in the first season hints at the possibility of the concert going ahead with the production of the second series. In an interview, she remarked that she would be back to the show “in a heartbeat”. Also, she added that it would be an excellent element for the show if they would be more inclusive and include LGBT contestants and singles from some other countries as well.

It is now in news that the second season has been signed and we might get to see it very soon. Too Hot To Handle is produced by Fremantle production company Talkback.

When will the second season release?

If the second season of the show has been commissioned, we can expect the series to release at the end of 2021. The first season to was released a year after the shooting for the first season was complete.

Where will it be filmed?

The second season of Too Hot To Handle has to possibility to filmed in the exact location as last year, that is in some private estate in Mexico. The contestants have got to stay for four weeks at some isolated haven Casa Tau in the region called as Punta Mita. This is an exotic South American country, which is covered by over 9 miles of Pacific Ocean beaches.

But some major changes will seep into the production of the second season. With the coronavirus outbreak, the travel industry has to face many restrictions to limit the spread of the pandemic situation. Too Hot To Handle will begin its shoot but with the limits it might not have any international cast.

The series will once again bring back singles to the show who will have to refrain themselves from getting indulged in anything physical for four weeks. And the one who wins takes the prize money. With any breach of rule, the prize money gets reduced.


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