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Tom Holland To Feature In A Netflix Horror Original?

The psychological thriller that goes by the name of ‘The Devil All The Time’ is expected to release in May, 2020.

Viewers of Netflix are already aware that there is a large line-up of original shows and movies that are scheduled to hit the platform. Featuring in the near future is a Tom Holland-starrer psychological thriller that goes by the name of ‘The Devil All The Time.’ If rumours are believed to be true, the movie is expected to narrate a very dark and twisted story. There are a lot of details that still need to be unravelled as the time passes by.

More details about ‘The Devil All The Time’

The Netflix original movie is reportedly directed by Antonio Campos. It is based on a screenplay adaptation that is written by the same director. He, in partnership with Paulo Campos, hopes to bring the viewers at the edge of their seats. The movie is based on a novel written by Donal Ray Pollock, that goes by the same name. On the basis of the numerous online reports, it seems like even Jake Gyllenhaal is expected to be a part of the movie as the executive producer. Other cast members of the movie include Riva Marker, Gretchen McGowan, Max Born and Randall Poster to name a few.

When is ‘The Devil All The Time’ Expected To Release?

All the previous reports have suggested that ‘The Devil All The Time’ is scheduled to hit Netflix on May 15th, 2020. However, the recent reports claims that this original is not present in the list of titles that are scheduled to arrive in May. This list is usually put out by Netflix. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that the original film will actually take some time to arrive. It is possible that it may be affected by the current on-going coronavirus situation.

‘The Devil All The Time’ Plotline

The original movie is based on the story of the characters residing in the rural regions of Ohio and West Virginia. There are a number of compelling and bizarre elements all through the movie as it revolves through the age of World War 2 during the 1960’s. The main character includes Willard Russel, who has undergone a lot of stress as a result of the carnage carried out in the South Pacific during this wartime period.

We also have Carl and Sandy Henderson, who are a couple but a deadly couple as they are serial killers. They have a knack of trolling all the models by searching the highways through their photographs and exterminating them, as and when they receive the opportunity. Other than this, we have Roy, Willard and Charlotte as additional cast members.

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