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Tom Holland might be dating Olivia Bolton, his family friend

There is a highly likely chance that Tom Holland is in a new relationship. There is also a chance that the revelation could be old, but things are pointing out that Tom Holland is in love. Recently, Tom Holland was seen doing PDA during a recent Black-Eyed Peas concert with Olivia Bolton. By the looks of it, Tom and Olivia are together for quite some months.

Some of the online sources also suggest that Holland is with Olivia Bolton. On the other hand, Olivia Bolton is a resident in the heart of London. Moreover,

How did Tom Holland and Olivia Bolton meet?

Olivia Bolton is currently working for London’s digital production firm in London. On the other hand, she is a family friend. A new British outlet says that the duo is in love with each other for a couple of months. The families of both Holland and Bolton know each other very well.

The relationship between both Tom Holland & Olivia Bolton took some time to bloom. On the other hand, Olivia and Tom both took a lot of time to understand that they have a connection. Tom was successful in ditching the rumors regarding who he does he love.

Tom Holland is not with Zendaya

It might be a massive relief for both Tom and Olivia that Spider-Man is out of extensive speculations. The silver lining to the situation is that both Olivia & Tom make a very lovely couple. The sources close to the actor are suggesting that the Spider-Man is entirely smitten.

The fans even dug up an old photo of the duo and found that they are friends since their early childhood. Now, it looks like the couple is trying to make it into the public appearance. On top of that, Olivia Bolton is not keen enough to talk to the media outlet. On the other hand, she is keeping off a safe distance from the eyes of media as well.

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