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Tom Cruise preferred flying the fighter jet on his own for Top Gun: Maverick

The most popular action hero Tom Cruise has won millions of hearts by his outstanding acting, actions, and daredevil stunts. Fans have been eagerly awaiting his upcoming and most anticipated movie Top Gun: Maverick. There are some reports which suggest Tom cruise flying his own jet in the movie, which gives a more realistic thrill to these scenes.

On Wednesday, some behind-the-scenes footage of the most awaited Cruise sequel Top Gun: Maverick, was shared by the production company, Skydance, in which Tom Cruise is seen doing his own flying scenes in the movie. It is also seen that Cruise is flying a fighter jet in the CG-Free Flight video. He flies the fighter jet so bravely every member of the crew could also see that as he zooms over their heads. A camera recorded all of his stunts accurately as he performs the stunts.

The production company shared a video of the crew that was looking visibly shocked as a jet plane was seen descending to the ground as they film beneath it and captioned it “No CGI here.”

At the beginning of this year, in an interview, Tom Cruise, who is reprising his role as Pete’ Maverick’ Mitchell in the Top Gun: Maverick disclosed his intentions of shooting with the cast using real planes as much as possible in the film. And he also said that he did not have any clue about how hard the film would be because none had ever tried it before. And he also added that there was no record of these aerial shots, and he didn’t know if they would ever attempt.

Besides that, a few days back, in an interview, Jerry Bruckheimer, who is the producer of Top Gun: Mavericks, also revealed that the film would use aerial shooting techniques that have never been before used. In addition to this, he also added that they wouldn’t use CGI to contribute to the visual effects.

In the latest, an interview was held of the producer, in which he revealed that Tom Cruise fulfilled as he had expected and joined the cockpit of the airplane himself for the Top Gun: Maverick. Furthermore, he added that Cruise is an “aviator” who knows well how to fly anything from helicopters, jets to prop planes.

The love for aviation started when Tom cruise first this the movie Top Gun. We have reports which suggest that Tom Cruise is highly and perfectly trained for flying the jet. For making the film more realistic, he wants the co-stars to do the same. We have Monica Barbaro, Jennifer Connely, Val Kilmer Ed Harris, Miles Teller, Glen Powell as the important roles in the film.

Earlier Top Gun: Maverick was supposed to release on June 24, 2020, but now it aims to release on December 23, 2020, in the UK. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick still aims to release in the UK on December 23, 2020. Earlier it was slated to hit the theatres on June 24, 2020.

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