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Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod Apk- a Nostalgic game and how to download it?

Tom and Jerry Chase Apk

Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod Apk is a multiplayer action plyometric game, where four mice battle against a cat in a specific map full of items. The aim of the cat is to trap, catch and execute the four mice, who are trying to survive, push cheese and escaping through the wall crack, causing mayhem in the house.

The controls are well settled and adequate for touchscreens. On the left side of the display are the movement arrows, while on the right are various buttons to jump, attack, and interact with different items around the level. In the game options you can customize the controls according your suitability.

Details: Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod Apk

NameTom and Jerry: Chase
Version5.3.25 (build 138)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 2.3+

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The way this game plays out is generally the same in all modes: during the first minute of the round the mice can take a look at the house safely and collect up to three Experience Cakes which gives a boost of about 3.8 levels using bots. However, the Robot Mice are still unguarded against cat attacks and if the attacked mice are holding onto Experience Cake, it will drop and the mice would lose the level boost if left the dropped cake isn’t picked up again.

Cats, on the other hand, try to stop the Robot Mice by neutralizing them, which gives a maximum boost of about 3.8 levels after all the 4 Robot Mice are destroyed. Once 60 seconds has passed or all four Robot Mice are destroyed, the game starts proceeding. The player controlling the cat will have ten minutes to chase down the four mice and tie the mice to a rocket while those controlling the mice will have to push five wedges of cheese, rescue teammates and break the wall in order to escape.

After 5 wedges of cheese are shoved through, there will be a interval of 10 seconds in which the wall crack can be located on the map but can’t be accessed. If either one team achieves their goal before the other team does or before time runs out, their particular side wins.

If a teammate is disconnected or goes afk suddenly, you will be having the option to let him stay in his current location or have a bot takeover to follow you. This ends once the teammate comes back online.

Chase Pass

Chase Pass is a attribute that allows players to collect rewards, similar to specific games. It has a Free to Play mode as well as the Golden shelf(which requires diamonds, which requires real currency). There is a total of 300 levels, in which Chase tokens will be available only starting from Level 101 onwards.

Game Modes in Tom and Jerry Chase

1. Classic Mode

The classic 4v1 mode! Mice has to push cheese, rescue teammates and try to escape the cat while cats has to interrupt mice and dispatch them!

2. Ranked Mode

Same as Classic mode, except it does matter if you win or lose it is only available at specific timings each day (12 00-1400 and 1900-2200 GMT +8)

3. Casual Modes

A enjoyable and casual mode for everybody. Winning conditions may or may not be similar compared to Normal mode. Though Casual modes will not count toward Character Goal, it will still count as a quest in the Chase Pass.

4. Fun with Fireworks

The canary is captured by the cat, but the mice are not afraid at all. A map that is full of dynamites and firework crates. Mice try to use the dynamites to free the Canary while cats try to stop them.

5. Cheese Frenzy

There is a lot of cheese to push, but the mice are up for a challenge. With a boost in health, attack and movement agility, can the mice manage to push a stumbling 18 wedges of cheese through. Or will the cat outsmart the mice with a slight boost in health, attack and movement speed.

6. Beach Volleyball

The classic volleyball game brought to Tom and Jerry. Two teams, each with a combination of 2 mice and 1 cat, go head on against each other.

7. Running Mouse

Two teams, each with a combination of 3 mice, compete with each other to see who is the fastest of them all. Items are scattered throughout and can still stun other mice, so use these items to your advantage to beat other.

8. Operative

Same as classic mode, except the fact that cats and mice receives an upgrade at the cost of sacrificing an ability of theirs. Mice can turn invisible while they standing still, recovering health constantly, at the cost of slower Cheese pushing speed.

9. Clone Battle

Same as Classic mode, but cats can’t be chosen at will. Instead, a random cat is assigned (depending on the number of cats the person has). Mice can still be selected freely, but a random one will be selected and locked with the rest of the team.

10. Room (Custom mode)

Play with many of your friends, or try out your newly bought character. Play with four other friends with three more vacancies for spectating, and you have the ability to ban certain characters and a custom map selection, have some fun with different twists and turns.

11. Training mode

Get used to how the game works by completing the training rooms and get used to the maps.

In-game Impairments in Tom and Jerry Chase

Full impairments (Causes interruptions to all characters)

1. Sleeping King:

Present in the Bedroom section of Night Castle levels, on landing on a bed or having an item thrown will make him wake him up, causing a shock wave to travel which reduces the health of both cats and mice and shocks them for a period of time.

2. Spike:

This is present in the Night Castle, House and Summer Cruise stages, will search out any cats or mice when disturbed. Upon catching up, he will throw the target upto a certain distance, shocking them. Cats can survive this hazard by equipping the C class perk “A Dog’s Best Friend” onto their stage. Throwing an item at it will briefly stun him.

3. Tyke:

Using a special bone and hitting any target will cause a small sized dog who looks similar to Tyke to appear and be hostile to that target. He will dance around when near anyone friendly to him and will help your team. Throwing the bone at Spike will briefly shock him.

4. Firework Crate:

Found in the Utility Room in the House stages, mice and even cats can activate it, with a thirty second countdown before it explodes, stunning everyone around it and decreases health, if low enough can cause a Weakened state. This can also cause mice tied to the rocket to be immediately killed, so rescue the mice before the firework crate explodes.

5. Hostess’s Broom:

The hostess of the house appears to stay either in the Kitchen or Bedroom areas of the House stage. If anyone walks anyway near her without a shield effect or invisibility effect, the hostess will do a sweeping act which will shock everyone struck by it. The only other way to avoid this act is to jump high enough or quickly retreat so you manage to get away from it.

How to install:

1. Download Tom and Jerry: Chase
2. Go to and tap Settings / Security / Check Unknown Sources
3. Then install until it’s finished being installed
4. Play This Game


Que. Is Tom and Jerry chase Mod Safe?

Ans. Yes. It is without any doubt completely safe and virus Free.

Que. Can I use Tom and Jerry Chase Mod Apk for Free?

Ans. Yes. You have to download Tom and Jerry Chase MOD Apk in order to use it for Free.

Que. Is it required to create an Account?

Ans. No. In the mod version you won’t have to create any account.

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