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Tokyo Vice Halts Production In Japan

Box office in Japan has taken a dive and major entertainment facilities like Tokyo Disneyland remain closed.

Even though Japan remains to be among the few countries wherein far fewer Coronavirus cases have been recorded, the box office in the region has taken a dive and major entertainment facilities like Tokyo Disneyland remain shut. This also includes HBO Max’s upcoming thriller series, Tokyo Vice. It is among the many that are included in the list of major Hollywood productions that have caused disturbance due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The series is led by four-time Oscar nominee Michael Mann. He has been shooting in Tokyo since March 5 and though, the conditions in Japan have not yet faced any kind of massive impact as yet, they have faced a loss that can be compared to the calibre of the kind that took place in Europe or the U.S. This includes cinemas, restaurants and bars that continue to remain open but the same is not the case with Warner Media.

The Tokyo Vice Plot

According to numerous reports, Tokyo Vice revolves around the loose events that surrounded the life of real-life American journalist, Jake Adelstein. They will be narrating incidents from the 2009 memoir which will be chronicling the time that has been spent in covering organised crime for the Yomiuri Shimbun. This is one of Japan’s biggest newspapers to be existing and among the first Westerners that have been able to beat crime in the last 12 years.

The cast also ends up featuring Ansel Elgort as the American journalist along with Ken Watanabe who will be playing the role of Tokyo police detective. If reports are believed to be true, the series will consist of 10 episodes. John Lesher will be the executive producer in this case along with Emily Gerson Saines who is expected to return with this show.

Tokyo Vice is expected to follow the footsteps of Disney’s Avatar sequels and the Netflix series that have been promoted through The Witcher. Marvels’ Shang-Chi is also among the many that have been experiencing a major hit among the audience and it is possible that Tokyo Vice will be expected to just a big massive hit.

Further details on what can be expected from the show will be revealed with time. However, for now, it remains to be seen exactly what happens in the near future, as far as the fate of Tokyo Vice is concerned.

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