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Tiger King’s Carole Baskin Gets Tricked, Again!

Two Youtuber pranksters just got Carole Baskin to do an interview and she believed she was going to be talking to Jimmy Fallon.

Netflix has been able to deliver several hit series. One of them is definitely is Tiger King. The show which is based on a series of true events, has ended up causing a stir in the media when it had initially released back in March. There were a lot of members who wasted a lot of time watching this series. For those who are unaware, this series is based on Joe Exotic’s life and the many interesting characters that he was dealing with in the show itself. The viewers were kind of hooked to the show and kept yearning for more of Tiger King. Therefore, the character of the series began giving many interviews to the media.

In a similar effort, even Carole Baskin was offered an opportunity to be interviewed by a group of YouTube prankster. The only problem was that Carole Baskin believed that she was going to be interview by Jimmy Falcon. All the individuals who have been following all the events that took place after the release of Tiger King, must be aware that all the main characters of the show including Joe Exotic, Doc Antkee and John Finlay have spoken about the show since it was released. Carole Baskin, who is the big cat-rights activist due to which, Joe Exotic is behind bars right now, and as we all know, she is also the owner of Big Cat Rescue who have taken Exotic head-on.

Carole Baskin has made it very evident that she is not quite happy with the show, Tiger King. According to her, the series didn’t deal with the issue of animal cruelty. In fact, she was promised that the Netflix series will entirely be focusing on how cruelly the animals were handled. However, that did not take place and she has since then, provided several interviews wherein she has tried to speak about this. However, no body seems to be caring about what she has to say. It seems like Netflix has ended up profiting from this venture and is thus, no longer interested in understanding the consequences or promises of the fast.

In other news, according to recent reports, Nicholas Cage has reportedly been roped into playing the role of Joe Exotic. As we already know, the Tiger King series has managed to bring a lot of revenue for the audience. Furthermore, there are three production houses that we currently working on pushing out an original Tiger King series. The series will consist of eight episodes. It seems like the team is working on pushing out the production of the Tiger King series in the next few days.

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