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‘Tiger King’ season 2: when will it release? Here’s an update

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Is Tiger King Season 2 in work? Well, guys what we know till now is that there is no official announcement made. If you can’t get enough of the utterly crazy Tiger King documentary series, like millions of Netflix subscribers, then you have to wonder what’s coming next.

The series itself, after all, is just seven episodes of absolute lunacy; the eighth episode bonus was fun, but it didn’t have our gears going, and at this stage, the sequel series, Exploring Joe Exotic’s Weird Universe, which will air on Investigation Discovery, is a bit of an unknown.

“It’s just that Joe” Exotic “Schreibvogel, his unlicensed Oklahoma zoo full of big cats and their cubs, and the numerous peculiar characters in his circle, all of whom are in the same company, were singularly strange and frequently surprising throughout the story. We’d like more of that, just like you. Luckily, we have fantastic news: there is in the works a scripted series based on Mr Schreibvogel’s life and his path to becoming his flamboyant, tiger-hugging, gun-toting, country-western-singing alter ego. We have a few specifics about it, but those specifics are so amazingly exciting that when this series starts, we feel confident to assume that it will be full-blown Tiger King Mania al al al.

When is ‘Tiger King’ Season 2 going to release?

First things first: Netflix will not produce the scripted Tiger King sequence, nor will it be based on documentary series from the streamer. It will also be based on Leif Reigstad’s Texas Monthly essay “Joe Exotic: A Mysterious Adventure into the World of a Man Gone Mad,” which has released in 2019 and later covered a lot of the same land covered by the sequence.

This means that the series could air on CBS, or (more likely, in our view) be exclusive to the CBS All Access streaming network. We can fairly say as much; what we don’t know at the moment is when the series could go into development, or what will be its release date.

Sooner rather than later, however, we’ll hopefully get more news on this front, since the series does have its showrunner in place.

Who are in the list of the cast in ‘Tiger King’ Season 2?

None other than Nicolas Cage, a performer who has risen histrionic overacting to an absolute art form, will fill the role of Joe Exotic. Cage doesn’t look like Exotic exactly a hell of a lot, but that matters little; there is no one else that we can conceive of as deeply capable of behaving anything like him, If it doesn’t do much for you to watch Cage battle tigers, croon country songs regarding tigers, and use the allure of tigers to seduce straight men, then we’re not even sure what to tell you.

What will be the storyline for the ‘Tiger King’ season 2?

We don’t have anything close to a detailed storyline synopsis because the series is in very early production. Still, thanks to Variety, we have an understanding of what to expect in terms of the period of the episode, and it doesn’t sound like it’s all going to dramatize Tiger King’s events.

No, it looks like we’re going to have more of a Joe Exotic origin story; the series “will live with Joe in the lion’s den, investigate how he became Joe Exotic, and how he lost himself to a character of his own making,” according to a press release.

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t it meant to be Tiger’s Den? Have tigers got dens? We’re not sure about that, yet we watched Tiger King three times like that. We’re of the view at any pace that this is a reasonable tack to take.

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