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Tiger King as popular as Stranger Things, says Netflix

As per the online streaming giant Netflix’s data analysis, Tiger King season 1 and Stranger Things Season 3 are the two biggest and the most-watched shows on the streamer. Both shows went viral as soon as they were dropped and have grabbed eyeballs of audiences globally. Seeing their mammoth success, Netflix was unable to decide a clear winner, and both the shows tied for the top spot.

As per the data revealed by Netflix, more than 64 million households watched the first season of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, in the first four weeks. Strikingly, nearly the same number of people had watched the entire season 3 of Stranger Things in the first four weeks from its release back in October 2019.

Although, both the season might be at the top spot for the first quarter in 2020, but they don’t hold the record for the all-time most number of streams in the first four weeks of release. American fantasy drama series produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, The Witcher holds the record for the all-time highest number of streams in the first season. As per official sourced, the show was watched by 76 million households worldwide.

Also, seeing the new trends, Netflix believes that another popular Spanish series Money Heist season 4 that was dropped on April 3, 2020, might beat Tiger King and The Stranger Things season 3. It is expected that Money Heist season 4 will bag over 65 million streams within the first four weeks which is insane, making it the most popular non-english tv series ever to premiere on Netflix.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (titled onscreen as simply Tiger King) is a 2020 American true crime documentary miniseries about the life of zookeeper Joe Exotic. It was released on Netflix on March 20, 2020. The show went viral and soon fans started making memes on the show.

As per the reports, the show bagged 5.3 billion minutes of stream time between March 23 and March 29 in the United States itself which is huge. But, Netflix believes that the numbers for Tiger King might be huge but they are not surprising as it wasn’t just bizarre entertainment; it was also one of the few new programs that people could watch.

However, many believe that the next season of Stranger Things can break all the records and become the most popular show in the history of Netflix.

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