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Tidelands season 2: Will the show be back with a new season?

Tidelands season 2

Tidelands season 2 is up in the sir and no confirmation has been made regarding the renewal. The show last aired on January 2019 and the fans are asking for a new one since then. The screenplay and writing are done by Stephen M. Irwin who is known for Harrow and Secrets and Lies along with Leigh McGrath. The show has released 8 seasons so far. The original language is English. The Australian web series was released on 14 December 2018 on Netflix.

What to expect from Tidelands season 2?

The renewal status of the show is still a big question mark. Moreover, the team has not posted or updated anything in their social media regarding the show after the first season. The show, we can say has not yet been renewed or cancelled. There are tweets and messages by the fans asking the team not to cancel the show. However, Tidelands also received average reviews which make the situation more complicated. The first season ended in a justified manner but still, there are many things that are yet to be explored.

Tidelands tell the story of a strange but dangerous land. The protagonist Cal returns to his village Orphan Bay after being in prison for two years. When she returns she realizes that the place has changed and is filled with half-sire half-humans called tidelanders. Sirens according to Greek mythology are creatures that lure sailors with their music to shipwreck on their island. The show includes a lot of action and murders. The fans have joked that there are no much characters left for a season 2. Two or three of the main characters has died in the first season with just the protagonist left. The show ends by crowning Cal as the queen of the land after a war.

The cast of Tidelands includes Charlotte Best as Cal, she is known for her role in Home and Away, Elsa Pataky, beloved wife of Chris Hemsworth and a talented actress and model is playing the role of Adrielle, Aaron Jakubenko as Augie, Marco Pigossi as Dylan, Richard Davies as Colton, Dalip Sondhi as Lamar, Mattias Inwood as Corey and Jacek Koman as Gregori along with other recurring casts.

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Can we expect another season?

Sadly, no news regarding the renewal of Tidelands has been given. The show still has the potential to explore more from the first season. However, also considering the average review, it’s unlikely for Netflix to continue the series. The network has already cancelled many shows due to pandemic.

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