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This series will not return back: New Girl

The New Girl was created by sitcom and was developed for FOX by Elizabeth Meriwether. And it was produced by Jake Kasdan, Dave Finkel, Brett Baer, and Katherine Pope. The show was initially released on 20 September 2011.No; doubt that New girls were popular among the people from the start.

They showed great chemistry between the lead actors, and it was a comical story. New Girl went through a roller coaster ride in the years. Season 7 was released on 10 April 2018. Though it made a great show, the makers declared season 7 would be the final one, but why did they cancel season eight? Read further to get the details on the revocation of season eight of the New Girl.

What is New Girl about?

A story of a woman Jessica who moves into an apartment with three handsome boys of her age after discovering that her boyfriend was cheating on her. One of them is Nick Miller, a bartender and Like her, facing a heartbreak. The other one is Schmidt, working in an office that is conquered by the female employees, and the third is a member of the Latvian Basketball club, Winston.

Why did they call-off season eight?

In the initial days, the show had great viewers and critics. New Girl was the lengthiest online show at that time. Ratings are the most important factor. Till season 5, the show maintained a decent mark, but the season six didn’t go well compared to the others. The makers first decided to cancel it, but they can end it without giving a proper end to the story. In season six, they didn’t give a proper finish to the story.

They left the story at a crucial point. Where Jess and Nick patched up together. Cece was pregnant with her first child. Ali and Winston got engaged. They wanted to give a final season to conclude the plot with a good end. The makers requested the FOX channel to give them some more episodes so that they could finish the story like they wanted to. Season 7 was permitted, and it was a shorter season with only eight episodes. Though it was a short one, it gave a good point that everything ended well with the team at last. They ended the show with a good note that they will always be together.

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