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Astronauts aboard ISS should not worry as Corona Virus won’t affect them

Amid Corona Virus pandemic, there is a sigh of relief of astronauts on International Space Station. Scientists say that the highly communicable virus cannot affect the astronauts, thanks to the enhanced safety measures taken by the space agencies.

“Throughout a pandemic, these actions have been reinforced numerous times, quarantine procedures for astronauts as well as cosmonauts have been expanded, quarantine steps have been presented for everyone who collaborates with them, individual communication is limited, including with the media, and also the number of teams functioning straight with astronauts has been decreased,” the registered nurse pointed out.

“Presently, all the initiatives of area agencies are targeted at stopping the entrance of any type of infection onto the ISS, consisting of the coronavirus,” Batsmanova, who is also an elderly registered nurse of the clinic ‘European Medical Center’ and a nurse at International SOS, told Russian news agency Sputnik in an interview.

Batsmanova has been cooperating with NASA for nearly one decade and offering clinical support to astronauts during area launches as well as touchdowns.

Batsmanova emphasized that under regular conditions (not throughout a pandemic) astronauts and cosmonauts remain in quarantine for a long time prior to flying to the ISS, and all points sent out to the ISS are decontaminated.

“Under no conditions ought to any kind of infection get onto the ISS, because the station has a shut loop as well as its own atmosphere, and the team is much from the ground. Today all the hard procedures essential for this are being complied with,” Batsmanova ended.

Around the world, COVID-19 has actually contaminated more than 7,55,000 people and also killed more than 36,000, according to Johns Hopkins University’s real-time tracker.

“Taking into account the enhanced safety and security actions, the possibilities for the coronavirus to hop on the ISS are slim to none,” she said.

The space station looks like an aeroplane or a very bright star moving across the sky, except it doesn’t have flashing lights neither it change directions. It will also be moving considerably faster than a typical aeroplane (aeroplanes generally fly at about 600 miles (965 km) per hour; the space station flies at 17,500 miles (28,000 km) per hour). It is the

It is the third-brightest object in the night sky when seen from Earth. Because of the size of its reflective surface area, the ISS is the brightest artificial object in the sky, excluding flares, with an approximate maximum magnitude of −4 when overhead (similar to Venus).

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