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There Will Be Another ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Movie?

Bad Boys For Life may be receiving another installment in 2021.

It seems like the year 2020 is a very weird year for everyone. For the first time in the times of humanity, people from all over the world, are experiencing the same problem – the problem of Coronavirus. Among the major industries that have been affected by this pandemic is the film industry. Several production houses have had to postpone the releases of their films, as it would not generate any value. As a result of which, the production houses are facing huge losses. But at least we still have ‘Bad Boys for Life.’

The third installment to the action-comedy movie was surprisingly very good. It was well-received by all the fans. The directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi enjoyed the positive reviews that they received, both at the box office as well as by the hands of the critics. It was quite tricky for them to pick up a classic and give it the modern angle. Times are different now than in comparison to the times in which the original Bad Boys films were released. Technology has advanced and action sequences are possible in many ways. Both, Fallah and Arbi were able to bring in the modern sensibility quite well.

The movie managed to bring in quite a bit of revenue for Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi. In a statement to The Wrap, the directors – while talking about the possibility of a fourth film said, “At this point, it’s more of if the audience wants it, we are more than ready to make a fourth one, and I think there is still a story to tell.”

Will there be a fourth ‘Bad Boys For Life’?

While fans face certainty, if we gauge on the basis of the answer that the directors have provided, it seems like we might just see another one of our favorite bromance films. If rumors are believed to be true, it seems like Sony has already reeled it ‘Bad Boys For Life’ writer, Chris Bremner to write another script for another possible installment. Sony, however, has not made any official announcements for the same. So, we do have to take this news with a pinch of salt.

This is perhaps, not the only clue that the creators of ‘Bad Boys For Life’ may have left for us. Sony along with the film’s lead, Will Smith and Lawrence, have been dropping numerous hints for a fourth possible film on several occasions. The third film itself did not consist of a conclusion. It was more of a cliff-hanger and the fans were certain that there would be another part.

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