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The Whisper : A few quick steps to get Whisper of the Worm !

Destiny 2 Whisper Quest is a bonus mission added to the game as a part of the July 2018 update.  A large destiny community discovered it. The mission is accessed through specific steps in seemingly ordinary activity. The player must complete it within a strict time limit. It is an Exotic sniper rifle. It is one of the game’s most useful weapons.

How To Get Whisper Of The Worm?

The mission can be played and started at any time by picking up the quest from the Drifter. It was a time-limited event initially. It appeared on Io from Friday to Monday. Each day at weekly rest time starting and ending.

When the quest is being picked up the player unlocking Whisper of the Worm requires a number of specific steps.

  • It’s a very tough mission. The players will want to be as high a Power level as possible. It should be between 380 to 405 power level lap.
  • When the player is ready to visit Io and head to the Lost Oasis. They have to wait for a public event to spawn. Public Event in Io’s Lost Oasis area starting the Taken Blight.
  • When the public event starts the players want to take down three enemies Urzok,  Grevis, and Ta’Aurc.
  • Once the enemies are down a portal will spawn. The players need to interact with it and then The Whisper mission will begin.
  • Within 20 mins the secrete mission The Whisper has to be completed which is unlocked in a very specific way. A lengthy platforming section will come first. Its length and complexity so players should watch first.
  • There are no complex mechanics after the two combat sections. But all these are challenging. The purpose is to wipe out all the enemies.
  • There are three bosses to a takedown in the second room which is the final one also. Once the players are done with it will be given Whisper of the Worm.



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