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The vampire diaries season 9: Plot, Cast and Release date

The much loved supernatural vampire dream series that ran on air for eight complete seasons had gathered immense love and popularity among its audience. The vampire diaries series was set off to wind up after the eighth season. However, due to its unending craze and unmatched love, the series was rumored to come on air with another amazing chapter. Based on the bestselling book series of L.J Smith, The vampire diaries follow the story of the protagonist, Elena, a teen who just dropped her parents and her struggles and concerns with high school. And her friendship with a witch, her werewolf buddy, murdered brother and her vampire boyfriend, Stefan.

While the above looks a bit confused and chaotic but is no less than just plain addictive. It was developed for the small screen entertainment by Kevin Williamson with his long time partner Julie Plec and it went on-air for the first time on CW in 2009. The show really enjoyed a good time run and its finale season wrapped up most of its unresolved mysteries nicely in a grand episode that featured the death of some major characters and also some happy endings.

Plot of The vampire diaries seasons -9!

The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, a town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants in the late 18th century. The chaos starts when Elena, the main character of the series falls in love with a 162-year-old vampire named Stefan. Their love angle becomes more complicated when Stefan’s mysterious elder brother Damon returns intending to bring back the beloved of Stefan, Katherine. Katherine, who is also a vampire, looks the same as Elena. The revenge intended was for Stefan as he forces Damon to become a vampire. But as the story goes one, Damon reconciles with Stefan and then he falls in love with Elena too, therefore creating a love triangle among the three. They both keep on protecting Elena and their bravery, history along with the town’s mystery is then depicted in flashbacks.

The cast of The vampire diaries season-9!

The character of Elena is played by Nina Dobrev, Stefan Salvatore by Paul Welsey. Ian Somerhalder plays the character of Doman Salvatore. These are the main characters of the series the vampire diaries. While talking to these characters in a recent interview, it is still uncertain as to the renewal of this amazing series. The character seems to indicate not returning to the small screen as vampires. It is still a cliff-hanger as to what will happen next.

Release date of The vampire diaries season-9!

Many rumors are coming up in the media of the resurrection of the series and its characters but nothing as of concrete is yet to be heard from the makers and producers, neither approved nor denied. Well, it can be expected that if the season-9 is yet to come, then it might go on-air in 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is quite impossible to analyze the surety of the above news. Fans are eagerly waiting for a fresh season with their favorite characters with the most amazing love triangle. Currently, it is not streaming on any platform. The pandemic is holding the statements back since the rumor is up in the air, it will air on The CW in 2021.

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