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The Vampire Diaries Drastically Changes the Story!!!

The Vampire Diaries released 10 years before and dropped two years ago as of March 2019. But as we all know that vampires are quite hard to kill, and the actors have been revived all over television. A few of the stars have stayed combined to The Originals and Vampire Diaries’ joint spinoff Legacies, while others have gone to various The CW shows. And many more have passed out on other networks.

Vampires have their way of always enthralling fans. Perhaps it is the teeth, immortal life, or the appeal of a dark supernatural character. The theme of vampires has a long history dating back to the popular book composed in 1897 by Bram Stoker named Dracula.

The lead cast had people afraid of what sneaks in the dark. Over these years vampires have grown into being blood-sucking beasts who may or may not either shine or burn in sunlight. Also, they have got more great looking to add to their fantastic image. Vampires are a genre of TV and film that will never grow old, literally. Netflix has enough binge-worthy part that will satisfy everyone’s hunger for vampires.

Can Vampire Diaries be on without Damon?

Damon – one of the lead cast for The Vampire Diaries. He served as the beginning opposition in season one who later becomes the third part of the love triangle between Stefan and Elena. Damon is a vital part of the open-ended story showcasing which helps unveil the backstory for the show and turned a quiet Mystic Falls into the core of the supernatural.

He got a crucial role who develops and changes as the season goes on. Many viewers of the original book series, would have noticed several discrepancies between the on-screen version and the one on paper. A few are minute physical traits while some others drastically did change his story. Lets’ see the top 10 among them.

  • He is Not Supposed To Have Blue Eyes

Damon Is Originally Italian

  • Damon Is Meant To Be Much Much Older

Damon In The Books Isn’t As Emotional

  • Damon Goes To College And Is More Feared As A Vampire In The Books

Damon Is More Of A Killer In The Show

  • Damon Has Strained Relationship With Stefan Since Childhood

Damon Has Abilities In The Book

  • Damon Becomes A Love Interest To Bonnie

Damon Kills Stefan In The Books

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