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The Thinning 3, Will there be any season coming for series?

The Thinning may be a fantasy thriller web movie, starring the famous YouTuber Logan Paul. The plot revolves round the social control concept applied to the people through a flair test. The one who fails the test is executed.

The real-life scenario is additionally facing tons thanks to overpopulation. However, within the movie, we see different countries applying different methods to regulate their population status. as an example , the us implements the policy of standardized testing called ‘Thinning.’

YouTube News:

Further, Youtube decided to not stay silent on this inhuman behavior. it’s cut all the ties from the actor and further took away the series’ Foursome.’ The Thinning: New World Order also kept on hold for the discharge thanks to the indecent behavior. However, later on, Youtube decided to release it to understand other cast and crew members’ diligence .

Does Blake die within the thinning?

Blake and Ellie didn’t die. They were merely sedated along side the opposite students of their groups of failed groups. the scholars are taken to a slave labour camp to make the very machines that that they had to try to to the tests


Even though Logan is sweet at acting, but there’s doubt about his humanity. He did manage to be one among the foremost famous YouTubers. But, everything shattered directly together with his inhuman behavior. Logan and his friends were filming in Japan’s forest, where they found the hanging body. Logan decided to hide the scenario for his youtube fans. He was filming the whole scene even while they encountered the hanging body. However, he further laughed and brought his infamous wit and odd sense of humor on the screen. Although how funny the content could also be , humanity is usually the prior one. as an example , the video went viral and was criticized everywhere the planet .

Will there be any Season 3 for The Thinning?:

There isn’t any official announcement regarding The Thinning 3 yet. But, it seems that the solution is pretty negative. allow us to hope for the simplest within the coming future. Till then, be updated with us. For more information about movies, dramas, series, documentaries, updates on games, apps etc. Stay tuned to tecake and stay safe.

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