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The Thinning 3: When will it come out? What will be the story?

The Thinning is a science fiction thriller directed by Michael Gallagher. The actors in the series are Logan Paul, Peyton List, Lia Marie Johnson, Calum Worthy, Matthew Glave, Michael Traynor, and Stacey Dash. The story is about the future problem in which population control had to be forced through a school aptitude test. Those who failed the test would be executed.

What happens in The Thinning?

The Thinning is a science fiction thriller web movie, starring the famous YouTuber Logan Paul. The story is about the population control concept applied to the people through an aptitude test. The one who fails the test is executed.

The character of Blake Redding is played by Logan. He was dating a girl, Ellie. Being busy in loving Blake led Ellie to fail in the test. Even though Blake requested his father to save her, but he couldn’t do anything. Ever since that, Blake distanced himself from his father. Later on, we see Blake trying to fail to prove his father wrong intentionally. As a result, his marks were exchanged to that of Laina’s. She failed and was sent to execute. Furthermore, she escaped and found out about the shuffling of marks. She revealed the actual marks of everyone into the public. Now, the real failure is to die with Blake being one of them.

Will there be a Thinning 3?

Youtube decided not to stay silent on his inhuman behavior. For his behaviour, he was left out from everything and YouTube had to take away the series Foursome. The Thinning: New World was also needed to stop the release. Anyways, YouTube released that for the sake of the effort of crew members and actors.

Therefore, it seems that Youtube will not be put itself at risk by casting Logan Paul once again. The Thinning 3 might never come up on the web, as the chances are equal to zero. Even though Logan apologized for his incident but seemed a lot less in front of the chaos he made. However, what’s done will never be taken back. Logan has got his negative impression on the platform and viewers for forever.

There isn’t any official announcement about The Thinning 3 yet. But, it seems that it might not come out.

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