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The success story of Candice King!

Candice King is an American actress who became famous after she played the role of Caroline Forbes in The Vampire Diaries. She started her career as a singer even though she is better known as an actor. Her debut album was released in 2009, It’s Always the Innocent Ones’ in the United States. Her net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Early Life Of Candice King –

Candice was born in Houston (May 13, 1987). Her mother was an environmental engineer and father a cardiothoracic surgeon. She has a younger brother. She went to Lake Highland Preparatory School.

Career Life Of Candice King –

  • Candice’s career started as a singer and then into acting. She even wrote songs as well.
  • In December 2006 Candice debut album ‘It’s Always the Innocent Ones’ released. The album had 14 songs out of which 12 she wrote. In 2008 the album was released in Japan and it became a super hit.
  • Alongside singing, Candice took acting assignments as well. She did a guest appearance in many shows like ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Greek’.
  • In 2008 Candice appeared in the horror film ‘Deadgirl’ in which she played a small role.
  • In the year 2009, Candice got her first big break in the acting career. She got the chance to play the role of Caroline Forbes in The Vampire Dairies. She received lots of appreciation for her acting. It broke all records to become one of the most successful television series.
  • Candice also worked in many other web series.
  • Some of the major roles of Candice include – Doughboys, Mitch Live, History of Horror, The Vampire Diaries, This Week in Hollywood, Fashion Police, Whose Line Is It Anyway? etc.
  • Candice won the teen choice award for the category Scene Stealer Female. She got the award for The Vampire Diaries.

Personal Life Of Candice King –

Joe King the musician is the husband of Candice. They first met at the Super Bowl Event in 2012. After dating for 2 years they got married. On 2014 October 18 they got married. She became a stepmom to two daughters from her husband’s previous marriage. In January 2016 she was blessed with a baby girl of her own.




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