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The Stranger Season 2: Has it been cancelled?

The Stranger

The Stranger has become one of the best mystery shows of Netflix. The fan is going crazy waiting for the renewal of season two. However, the bad news is, the Stranger might not be renewed after all.

About The Stranger

The Stranger is a British thriller Netflix series. It is the adaptation of a crime based novel of the same name written by Harlan Coben. Directed by Daniel O’Hara and Hannah Quinn, The Stranger was released on January 30, 2020. It quickly became prominent among viewers. The show has eight episodes that follow a mysterious woman who blackmails a man with a secret that has a devastating impact on his smooth perfect life. The Stranger, played by Hannah John-Kamen, is a woman in her 20s who finds the secrets of other people. She uses those secrets to blackmail them and demands money in exchange. The show ended after eight episodes and left viewers with so many unanswered questions.

The last episode reveals the relation that the Stranger i.e., Christine Killane, shared with Adam. She is the daughter of Adam’s father, who had an affair with her mother. Hence The Stranger ended with so many loose ends leaving the fans wanting for more.

Release Date of The Stranger Season 2

Although the show ended with doors opening to so many possibilities, we might not get another season. The show has such a great fan base out there. They are eagerly waiting for the renewal. But according to the novel author Harlan Coben, the show is supposed to have one season only. He said that it is not fair to make fans wait for another season for answers. He believes that they ended the show with a satisfying ending and was enough to reveal every answer.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Coben said, “We don’t think it’s fair to have one of those shows where they don’t give you all the answers, and you have to wait until season two before you get it,” He also added, “This is a closed story. You learned all the answers by the end, and the ending is tremendously satisfying.” Hence, it is highly likely that The Stranger is not going to return for season 2.

Fans’ reaction on The Stranger Season 2

As said above, the show has a great fan base. They have been waiting for another season. Although, some of them understand that season one was enough, and it shouldn’t be stretched unnecessarily. But most of the people are still hoping for The Stranger Season 2. Here’s how they reacted:


Cast of The Stranger

  • Richard Armitage as Adam Price
  • Siobhan Finneran as Detective Sergeant
  • Jennifer Saunders as Heidi Doyle
  • Paul Kaye as Patrick Katz
  • Derlva Kirwan as Corinne Price
  • Hannah John-Kamen as the stranger aka Christine Killane
  • Anthony Head as Edgar Price
  • Stephen Rea as Martin Killane

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