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The staircase: Some Unknown Facts

An American 2004 documentary film was applauded by fans and critiques for the mysterious and unsolved murder case. Here are some facts about the movie which you would find intriguing. Additionally, read other details- cast, plot, and review analysis.


This series was originally supposed to be a 2-hour documentary film. When they started shooting, they just couldn’t stop and realized they could not tell the story in this 2-hour film. This has to be a documentary series, and it ended up an 8-hour documentary series. 


The film was made to show the journey of the case. What had happened during the whole trial thing and for 17 years. It was just to focus on the justice system and to look at how it would treat the case. The film was never about proving guilty or innocent. 


The case of Michel Peterson, convicted of murdering his wife, Kathleen Paterson happened in 2003. Till then, the case took 17 years and it’s still not clear whether Peterson is innocent or guilty


The staircase was released on Netflix in April 2018 but it was created in 2004.

The Staircase: Plot summary

This documentary is based on Kathleen Peterson’s case. Her husband Michel Peterson, a Novelist who was accused of murdering her in their home when her body was found under the staircase. The whole 8-hour documentary shows what happened with Michel for 17 years, yes, the case was under trial for 17 years. 

Cast of ‘The Staircase’

The majority of the characters played self-roles. The film’s main cast includes,

  • Michel Peterson
  • David Rudolf
  • Ron Guerette
  • Tom Maher
  • Bill Peterson
  • Fred Black 
  • Jim Hardin
  • Arthur Holland

What do the critiques and fans say?

The film was praised for a masterful performance of Xavier and on the other hand, some fans are disappointed because it’s just a one-sided story and they want more from it. Apart from that, the documentary got enough good comments like it’s fantastically picturized and very gripping with its loads of twists and turns. 

Fans could wish for another part with the other side of the case. This was all about The Staircase. Stay tuned and updated. 


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