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The Sims: Sims 4 cheat codes updates and many more

The Sims is a real-life simulation game that allows you to take the place of a customisable character and live its life. The game was developed by Maxis who is also responsible for developing games like Spore and SimCity. The Sims is part of a larger series titles the Sims series which started in 1989.

The Sims went from being a game suited for all ages till Sims 3. Now is rated 12+ which shows a change in mentality from the creators. The game also features same-sex relationships and biracial equality in their bid to create a more lasting contribution through their game.

What to expect from the Sims?

Although there is a 5th part of the game right around the corner, no official date has been set as to when the game could release. The estimated release of the next part is sometime in 2021 or early 2022. 

The game allows you to fully customise your sim with over 40 hairstyles and 18 hair colours as well as several other features. The dimensions of every part of the sim from the legs to the chest are all up to the player. Once the sim is created, the player can live their life through the eyes of their character. The game also has several tasks you can perform to make the story mode even more interesting.

To shake things up a little, the Sims also has some cheats and mods that can be used to bypass the normal algorithm of how the game is played. There are cheats for nearly every aspect of the game from money cheats to Perk Points cheats. Mods in the game can even change aspects of the game like weather and death. The currency used in Sims is a special currency called Simoleons and the fastest way to make more of it is to use a cheat. Although cheats make the player stray away from the way the game was intended to be played, it opens up new possibilities and allows you to have more control and freedom while playing the game.

When can we expect the next part?

There are several rumours floating around the internet but it seems that the next game is indeed in the works. The most major criticism that Sims 4 faced was the lack of content. To fix this, EA released a number of development packs to add new content periodically. Sims 5 is expected to fix that problem from the get-go. 

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Parental Controls

In most countries, the game is rated as a 12+ because there isn’t any inappropriate content on display. Some countries, however, the game is rated as 15+ due to the presence of concepts like sex which is not considered appropriate for children below that age. In Russia, the game is rated as 18+ as it goes against the countries laws by showing same-sex relationships.

Subscription and privacy policy

Sims is available for under $40 and is available for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. EA takes privacy extremely seriously. With their huge reputation with games like FIFA and Apex Legends on their head, they can’t afford to have a lax privacy policy. EA collects information using third parties. They use cookies and analytics technology to collect information from the user to improve their gaming experience. The analytics collected is used for further development of the games they put out in the future. EA also takes some personal information from the user including account details to save game progress and claim achievements.  They only share the required information like ad preferences to third parties. 

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