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The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 – Latest Updates

Seven Deadly SIns

Are you someone who is confused about which season of The Seven Deadly Sins will be releasing next? If yes, then worry no more. We have got you covered. For the past few days, we could see a lot of confused viewers on the internet debating on whether the upcoming sequel is the fourth or the fifth season. Here’s what we have to say on that. Technically, the next season of The Seven Deadly Sins is Season 5. Many of the fans consider it as the fourth season as they do not count the second season of the franchise as a season in itself, owing to the fact that it only consisted of 4 episodes. So, the second season is basically a four-episode OVA.

Written by Nakaba Suzuki, The Seven Deadly Sins has been adapted from a manga of the same name. It was at first produces by A-1 Pictures, and then was taken over by Studio Deen in October 2019. Ever since its release, the manga has sold over 35 million copies worldwide.

What Is The Expected Release Date Of The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5?

The first season of this Japanese series went live back in October 2014. The second season was premiered on 28 August 2016 followed by the third season which was aired on 13 January 2018. The latest season, that is, the fourth season was confirmed on 9 April 2019 and was premiered on 9 October of the same year. The upcoming fifth season of the franchise was confirmed on 24 March 2020. It was told that the sequel will go live in October of 2020, but owing to the unavoidable crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sequel has been postponed to January 2021. We are looking forward to hearing more updates from the makers.

What Will The Next Sequel Be Called?

As per sources, the upcoming fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins will be called The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement. 

Where Can We Find The English Dub Of The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5?

One can find the dubbed version of The Seven Deadly Sins season 5 on Funimation, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Has There Been A Trailer Launch?

There has not been an official trailer launch as of now. The makers of this series are probably waiting for their production to get over and only then will they release the teaser, so our guess is that the fans won’t go to see a glimpse of the sequel before December 2021. Further updates from the official sources will be updated here.

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