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The Rookie Season 3 Faces Delay

The fans are looking forward to the third season of Rookie.

It’s been nearly a year since the last season of Rookie released. The fans have been looking forward to the next instalment since then. However, there have been quite a few speculations surrounding the possibility of another season. As far as the second season is concerned, it ended up averaging a 0.64 ratings in the 18-49 demographic with over 4.32 million viewers. In comparison to the first season, the second season did end up going down by nearly 12 percent in the demo and up by 4 percent in viewers.

There are numerous reports that view the storyline and success of the previous seasons combined, as reason enough for the creators of the show to come up with another follow-up season. However, at the same time, it is safe to state that for now, that there are no talks surrounding the third possible season of The Rookie. Fans have been suggesting that the creators must be open for another season of The Rookie due to the dedicated base of viewers that the series actually has. The showrunner, Alexi is actually willing to roll along with the plot of the next season and is currently waiting for an official note from the side of producers for the same. Regardless of the planning involved, there has been no official confirmation regarding the upcoming show and its release.

Many other reports have suggested that the production team might have halted the making of the next season due to the current global outbreak that haunts the world. It seems like the current COVID-19 situation has ended up disrupting the show’s creation as well. Following this, it seems like the third season of The Rookie might be facing an indefinite delay. This time, however, it may not be able to follow the release that was decided originally. It was originally decided that the creators of the show might release the third season of The Rookie in either October or September. Furthermore, it is also suggested that the creators might look at releasing the show towards the end of this year.

The Rookie Season 3 Plot Line

The storyline of The Rookie season 3 has not yet been revealed as yet. However, in a recent conversation with the press, Alexi stated that they plan on picking where they left off in the previous season. The future of the show seems like it is happening but all the details have not yet been revealed. We can expect the show to feature new characters but if the creators of the show plan on continuing where they left off in the previous season, it seems like we might see several recurring characters.

There are no other details regarding the storyline of the show that have been revealed as yet. We look forward to further developments such time passes by and things settle down. However, it doesn’t seem like it is going to happen anytime soon.

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