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The Possession of Hannah Grace: Will there be a sequel to the movie?

Possession of Hannah Grace

Even though horror movies make us lose our sleep and send chills down our spine, we love to watch them. The Possession of Hannah Grace was a supernatural horror film released on November 30, 2018. The movie is directed by Diederik van Rooijen and written by Brian Sieve. Todd Garner and Sean Robins produced the film. The movie did not receive the success rate as expected. The box office was $43 million against the budget of $7.7 million. The original language is English. There have been queries from the fans concerning the release of a sequel to the movie. However, no new information has been announced regarding this. Read further to know more about the movie.

What to expect from The Possession of Hannah Grace?

The fans don’t seem to get enough of the supernatural thriller of Hannah Grace. However, the team has not talked about any sequel to the movie since the first one. Further, the director also went on to take up other projects. The possibility is low, but if there will be one it will take time to hit the screens unless they find a new director.

The story follows the life of a new morgue assistant named Megan Reed. Megan recently got out of depression and found this nightshift work through a friend. However, her life becomes filled with horror experiences when a disfigured corpse is brought in there. Megan refuses to take it in first but the man who brought it succeeds in taking it in secretly. However, we realize this is the body of Hannah Grace through the first seen in the movie. We see an exorcism gone wrong in a young girl possessed by a demonic force. Her father is then forced to suffocate her to death. After the corpse enters the morgue, Megan who used to believe that “One you’re dead, you’re dead” becomes the victim of horrifying experiences.

The movie ends in rather a cliff hanger where Megan is shown looking in the mirror. She sees a fly which was earlier shown in several scenes connected to Hannahs body, she smashes the glass but the fans are left wondering whether Megan is after all possessed by the demonic force.

The cast of The Possession of Hannah Grace includes Shay Mitchell as Megan, Stana as Lisa, Grey Damon as Andrew, Kirby Johnson as Hannah, Nick Thune as Randy, Jacob Min-Trent as Ernie and Louis Herthum as Hannah’s father.

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Can we expect a second part?

We have not yet received any official information regarding a sequel to the movie. However, if there will be one, it will take time to hit the screens and the story can go in anyway. It can continue with Megan or maybe with a different plot. The fans might have to wait for long to know about this, but it’s better to not get your hopes high.

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