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The Peloton Rower: Here is everything you need to know

Peloton rower


Peloton is a US-based media and exercise equipment company that was founded back in 2013. Peloton combines cutting edge technology and hardware with the goal of bringing fitness to the comfort of our homes. With the present situation, the world is in, home workouts seem like a very advantageous and a much safer option. The company aims at making sure people with busy schedules and a family to have access to a proper form of workout. Along with this, they have made their items cheaper and also extremely efficient. Peloton has introduced their new device which is the rower. 

Peloton is most well known for the Peloton Bike and Bike+. These also have advanced sound systems including rear speakers and an HD display to follow the classes on. The company has also added a leaderboard to add a competitive edge to fitness. This is a method motivates people to do more. 

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Peloton Rower

As we know, in the constant search for better and more efficient ways of getting fit. For this people have come up with several bizarre solutions. Among these solutions, we can find some ways that revolutionize the world of fitness. This search brings us to one of the best upper body workouts available now, and that is rowing. Although it may seem like rowing isn’t the most easily accessible form of exercise, this notion can easily be changed. This can be done with the help of technology. Introducing the rowing machine…. The rowing machine isn’t a sure-fire way to lose weight but can be considered an important part of a weight loss plan which is actually effective.

When it comes to home workouts, people are often concerned about the ease of use and the cost involved in getting the equipment. The perfect solution to these doubts might be in the form of the upcoming Peloton rower. Peloton despite being only 7 years old has established themselves well because of their smart use of the internet and adding live streams to ensure the customers have the most efficient home workout possible.

Specifications and launching date

According to sources, the Peloton Rower is supposedly an incredible piece of equipment. With the aim of making users involve 86% of their body muscles and in the process combine that with cardio. Back in 2019, we received the announcement of the new product which would drop sometime in 2020 but with all the setback that would’ve been caused by the pandemic, it’s unclear to see how far back the drop will be pushed back by. 

The new product will also see them rise to the competition of its closest rivals including Echelon and Hydrow. It will also feature the latest Peloton software including their new upcoming tablet. The Rower is expected to cost around $1000. The company has also released new monthly instalment plans to make their products a little more affordable. 

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