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The pandemic delays In The Dark Season 3

According to the reports, ‘’In The Dark season 3’’ is set for a midseason premiere. Though the fall shows arrive at the midseason, it is expected that In The Dark season 3 will not premiere until much later than usual.

In April,  ‘’In The Dark’’ Season 1 and Season 2 were premiered on the CW in June and July respectively. Ideally, In The Dark Season 3, we will anticipate a similar trend, which would be launched in April 2021.

We don’t believe that’s the case with the dark season 3, because both the fall shows took place right in the midst of their seasons.

In The Dark season 3 release date :

Though, It is expected that, In The Dark season 3, will be moved to summer, as in June or July, after the fall shows end their new seasons. Apart from that, In The Dark season, 3 will also be introduced to Netflix in July or August based on the dates of those season finales.

This is the best case for In the Dark Season 3 right now, expected that all CW shows will be filmed in the near future. With the cases on a rise and situation being so unstable, it’s hard to say when the production will be able to start filming again. Some of The CW shows which film in Canada, seem like they are on a faster track to get production started than those that film in the US. In The Dark is one of those shows that film in Canada, around Toronto, and production in those areas seems to be starting soon. It’s unclear if In The Dark will be the one that starts filming soon.

There is a possibility that the CW shows would not continue to shoot so In The Dark might be pushed back if The Flash, Riverdale, All American, and some of the other “fall” shows do not shoot.

If the production of ‘’In The Dark’’ can start, the release date is likely to be changed to the spring of 2021. Right now, that doesn’t look like it’s going to come around soon.

As of now, we expect In The Dark Season 3 to be premiered in the summer of 2021 on Netflix and CW. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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