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The O.C. Sequel: Will the Fox Drama Return For a Season 5?

The O.C. – an American teen drama TV show created by Josh Schwartz that originally aired on the Fox network in the United States from August 5, 2003, to 22nd of February 2007, with a total of four seasons. O.C. is an abbreviation of Orange County. It is the location in California in which the show is set.

Ryan Atwood will get involved with the wealthy, upper-class community of Orange County, where lies a world of shifting intrigues and loyalties.

A year later year, a rumor flashes up that The O.C., Fox’s O.G. aughties teen drama play, will get a renewal, rejoining the world with the neurotic inner lives of Ryan Atwood, Seth Cohen, and Summer Roberts (RIP, Marissa). And yet, every year the rumor disappears with absolutely nothing to show for it.

At this year’s TCAs Fox entertainment boss Michael confirmed officially that a renewal of the hit show is not in the works. The O.C. won’t happen notwithstanding my deep passion for it to return, he told Deadline. No one is prepared, unfortunately.

This is the show that improved the angsty teen drama, gave a weekly dose of Peter Gallagher’s perfect brows, and unwittingly inspired shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County and Laguna Beach, which led to a bigger, worse Housewives empire Andy Cohen, run Josh Schwartz his check.

It could be true bliss to be met with Summer and Seth, to see how Ryan from Chinois living now as a fancy architect. Perhaps he follows through on the promise that this finale made, with Ryan mentoring a down-on-his-luck child much like himself, beginning the cycle all over again.

The truth about the revival for season 5

Neither Netflix, not the series creator Josh Schwartz has declared the renewal of – The O.C. for its 5th season. But since Netflix has a history of picking up a canceled show of Fox and making it a hit on its platform, we can continue to hope the same for The O.C.

Netflix renewed Lucifer on its platform after Fox dropped it. It sensed the massive affront after the cancelation then decided to make gains by rebooting the show. It may also be doing the same for The O.C.

If rumors are to be held then season 5 will possibly air in 2022. But we should wait for the official confirmation to be sure.

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