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The National Treasure 3: When will it the records and screens?

National Treasure 3 film it is the third part of the National Treasure Franchise film from Walt Disney Pictures. National Treasure 3 has yet to be announced officially but Nicolas Cage had conducted an interview, where he talked about everyone wanting to do the movie coming out and the reasons it has taken longer than expected.

In 2020, Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that the third movie is being written, featuring the old characters.

The Storyline

The second part of 2004’s Jerry Bruckheimer production, which had Nicolas Cage acting as a historian, who goes traveling around to search for clues and documents that  could lead to the lost treasure, was a fun adventurous film which allowed people who watch to know how it feels to go on an adventure, while also getting to know about our nation’s history.

The hit had a second part in 2007 and there were talks and rumors about a third part of the series in the franchise, there were some talks recent too. Plan hasn’t worked out for the third part in the Disney series. Even after several delays after a second part.

When will the The National Treasure 3 release?

A few reports say that the third part will be coming and will have Nicolas Cage as the lead role again. It might even be a false report. If it’s another dead-end, however, it’ll just be another talk about National Treasure 3’s long history of failed promises. It has been over a decade since National Treasure 3 was first told that it’s gonna be release. And so far, nothing like a strong word has happened.

Nevertheless, there have been small signs like the one mentioned above that says that the second part will happen for sure. So, we’ll take this opportunity to look back on this film’s many delays. In May 2020 it was said that it was being written and there has been no news ever since but it will be released soon enough.

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