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The Long Riders, the 1980’s biggest blockbuster and still in the race

The film is a 1980 American Western genre released on 16th May 1980 under the direction of Walter Hill. The film was produced by James Keach, Stacy Keach, and Tim Zinnemann. The film’s original track was completed by Ry Cooder, which eventually earned him the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards. Furthermore, it was nominated at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival. 

What is the story of The Long Riders?

The movie was famous for its filming location, that is in Georgia. The story of the film is about Jesse James, who forms a gang including his brothers, Frank James, Cole Younger, Jim Younger, Ed Miller, Clell Miller, and Bob Younger. Initially, the gang started their act after robbing small banks and stagecoaches in the MidWest and their home state of Missouri. Subsequently, the gang decided to approach big targets such as larger banks and trains. Sooner the gang came into the limelight after an incident where the railroad company owners hired the Pinkerton Detective to capture the gang. 

In contrast, the gang decided to attack them, thereby killing a few Pinkerton detectives. The real story begins when the war starts between the Pinkerton Agency guys and the gang people. In simple words, the whole film is a sympathetic portrayal of the bank robbers who begin their legendary heist because of revenge. 

Why is it considered to be a hit?

Moreover, this film gained more popularity for casting real brothers to play all the leads. Along with the gimmick, this film is considered to be one of the greatest western films till today. The film gained box office with more than 15,795,189 dollars in domestic sales as well as in international level, and overall made a blockbuster hit of the year. 

 Cast of The Long Riders

  • Jesse James is played by James Keach
  • Frank James is played by Stacy Keach
  • Cole Younger is played by David Carradine
  • Jim Younger is played by Keith Carradine
  • Bob Younger is played by Robert Carradine
  • Ed Miller’s role is played by Dennis Quaid
  • Clell Miller is played by Randy Quaid
  • Charley Ford’s role is played by Christopher 
  • Robert Ford is played by Nicholas. And other notable actors contributed to this film.




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