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The little mermaid 2019: live musical to celebrate the 30th anniversary

To celebrate the Disney movie’s 30th anniversary the little mermaid, prepared for the live Television musical event has been given rise to as a contribution.

The wonderful world of Disney grants The little mermaid live is a musical television special film which is directed by Hamish Hamilton and released on ABC network to represent the film The Little Mermaid 1989. 


In May 2017; ABC network announced plans to release a live adaption of the 1989 musical film The Little Mermaid. The film was broadcasted on 5th November 2019 and watched by more than 9+ million spectators and made the highest-rated for TV musical on any network. Disney debuted The Little Mermaid to audiences across America, and 30 years later.


 Like the movie, The Little Mermaid 1989  revolves around a mermaid, Ariel, who occupies under the sea with her fish friends and her father King Triton, where she yearns for to visit the surface world and is also fascinated with life on land. As she falls for humans, Ursula challenges her to turn into a human for love within three days; which is shown in this musical live film. 


The two-hour special, developed by Done and Dusted and set to air on October 3, 2017, but The special aimed to contest to the modern trend of live made for the television production of Broadway musicals on network 2017, then later was suspended someday due to the budget problems faced by the production management. But finally made it on live again on 5th November 2019. 


When did The Little Mermaid schedule?

In August 2019; ABC endorsed that the project had been renewed to mark the 30th anniversary of the filming’s original release and would like to air on November 5th, 2019. In August 2019; ABC network president Karey Burke stated that in expansion to celebrate the film’s anniversary, the special would also be used as a pre-launch promotional movement for the new streaming platform which got the updated version this year Disney+. Burke said that “we wanted to launch it in November, in time to coincide with the launch of Disney+; it felt like a great promotional platform to speak to that”. 

The special was thereafter released for streaming on Disney + on 27th November 2019. The live telecast obtained mixed comments and was considered as an average hit made by Disney. It ranked fourth in the modern era of live televised musicals among grown-ups from 18 to 49 and seventh in terms of total viewers.


Actors who made the live film The little mermaid:

Auli’i Cravalho as Ariel who is a sixteen-year-old mermaid princess of Atlantica who is obsessed to live on the surface

Graham Phillips as Prince Eric, a travelling prince 

Queen Latifah as Ursula

Shaggy as Sebastian

John Stamos as Chef Louis

Amber Riley as Emcee

Dominique Kelly as Grimsby


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