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The Kominsky Method season 3: Release date and what to expect

Kominsky Method season 3

An official announcement has been made for the release of Kominsky Method season 3 on July 2, 2020. The release dates have not been confirmed. However, considering the 11 year gap between season 1 and 2 we can expect it to be premiered by the end of this year. But that can also be delayed considering the ongoing pandemic. The series is going to wrap up with this season.

The show let out its first season on November 16, 2018 on Netflix. Chuck Lorre is the creator of this splendid comedy-drama. His other successful shows include The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men.  The show has won several awards. The original language of the show is English.


The show portrays the life of two long time friends who are in their middle age namely Sandy and Norman. The former owns an acting studio with his daughter. Norman is a gruff but lovable character. Both of them deal with issues such as death or a prostate cancer scare. They struggle to deal with their choices and relationship.

Season one shows the death of Eileen, Norman’s wife and how Sandy tries to help him deal with his grief. This also presents the love life of Sandy when he meets a new woman, Lisa in his acting class who unlike his other girlfriends is much older. Meanwhile Norman is finding it difficult to deal with his wife’s death and his drug addict daughter. The season ends with Norman having a breakdown and Sandy introducing to him his acting method.

Season two shows Sandy unable to balance his work and personal life. His disease worsens and along with it his relationship with Lisa which is on and off throughout  the show and his daughter Mindy. Norman seems to have found love once again in Madelyn. He also mends his relationship with his daughter. Season three is expected to end in a happy note fixing all the problems the two of them are going through.

Cast and characters

The Oscar winners Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are the main protagonists of the show. The former playing the role of Sandy and the latter as Norman.

Others include:

Sarah Baker as Mindy

Nancy Travis as Lisa

Lisa Edelstein as Phoebe(Norman’s daughter)

Paul Reiser as Martin(Mindy’s boyfriend)

Season 3

This is the last season of the series and the fans are expecting it to end on a happy note and hopefully not by any deaths. The season will be aired by the end of this year or beginning of 2021. Season three will bring yet another impeccable acting of the duo and more laughter along with it.



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