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The Incredibles 3: When will it arrive and What to expect?

The Incredibles

The biggest question for The Incredibles fans is “Is there another sequel?” With the commendable success of The Incredibles 2, the third part is highly demanded. People are absolutely not as hopeless as the previous sequel took 14 years to arrive. However, let’s see what The Incredibles 3 will bring!

A brief about The Incredibles

The Incredibles is an animated superhero film by Pixar Animation Studios. The first film was released by Walt Disney in 2004 and received global appreciation. It even won 2 Academy Awards. 14 years later, Disney released the first sequel of The Incredibles in June 2018.

The story revolves around a superhero family, who hide their powers from the public as per the government. Apparently, people had turned against heroes due to the damage caused by the fight. As a result, the superheroes had to live a normal life. Hence, 15 years later, superhero couple Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, now known as Bob and Helen are bored with their life. Bob misses his superhero days and the thrill he used to have.

The Incredibles
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In the first part, Bob gets a mission from Mirage, to defeat a tripod-like robot creating havoc in the city. He takes the opportunity and secretly works on it. But, he keeps his family out of it. Later he finds out Mirage has been working with Buddy Pine, whom he rejected to be his sidekick.

Consequently, he became his enemy in vengeance. He captures Bob and his Helen learns about his mission. She decides to save Bob but Dash and Violet secretly follow her. After being chased and fight, they finally escape and save Bob. In Incredibles 2, the Parr family tries to restore the public’s faith in superheroes. However, they meet with a new enemy, who wants to turn people against superheroes.

What to expect from The Incredibles 3

There has been no announcement regarding the renewal of The Incredibles 3. However, people are affirmative about it as director Brad Bird mentioned the possibility of a new part after the release of The Incredibles 2. He said that the shorten production time has led to many plotlines and ideas for a final story.  He said, “There were a lot of ideas that we had on this film that could be… whether it’s another Incredibles film, or something else.” In fact, the cast members showed their interest in reprising their roles. However, later he cleared that if there would be another part, it would take time as they don’t want to work on it hastily just for public’s demand. Despite, we are pretty sure Incredibles 3 will get on board.

The Incredibles
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The previous two films had clear endings. Hence there is an open door for many possibilities. However, as Brad Bird said, he seems to have ideas for The Incredibles 3 on the basis of the second movie.

However, fans are speculating the plot as well. People believe the new part might make Violet and Dash lead characters. We might get to see a family conflict as well. The Incredibles 3 can also explore Jack Jack’s power and him growing up. The major twist that might bring a change to the plot would be the death of someone important. In addition, we might get to see a reunion of all the superheroes that appeared in the previous movies after regaining legal status.

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