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The Hyundai Veloster N now offers the option of a DCT transmission

Hyundai joined the performance division party in 2019, and the first-ever party-animal from this Korean automaker was the Veloster N. The Veloster N managed to stand true to its hype and gave Hyundai a chance to show the world, that they are not just the manufacturer of some passenger-haulers, but can rather take-enter the world of performance and even strive for the crown in it.

The Veloster carries over to 2020, without any specific changes from the 2019 model. Under the hood of this hot hatch, remains planted a 2L turbocharged 4-chamber engine that churns out a punchy 275 hp along with 260 lb.-ft. of torque.

Till the time, this powertrain was mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, which routed all the power to the front wheels of this hatch. While there are no reasons to rejoice in terms of the drivetrain choices, as FWD still remains to be the only available drivetrain for the Veloster N, Hyundai though has now given you the liberty of making a choice in the available transmission.

The new Hyundai Veloster N can now be configured with an all-new 8-speed wet dual-clutch transmission (DCT). This dual-clutch transmission (DCT) is more than just an ordinary DCT transmission and is developed by Hyundai especially to take care of the demands of performance-enthusiasts which are drawn by the company’s N Divison, thus this setup has been named as N DCT. This new innovation was created by Hyundai so as to furnish the driver with the involvement and excitement offered by a manual transmission setup, and the comfort of programmed transmission.

The N DCT setup by Hyundai houses a number of electronic actuators, which analyze the conditions and are solely responsible to set-off the double-clutch operation. The brilliant electronic controls of the N DCT play a major role in accentuating the ease of shifting cogs, the Veloster N’s mpg figures, and fundamentally makes the hatch an amusing to drive and enthralling performance-oriented vehicle.

In contrast to the orthodox dry clutch setup, the innovative, new wet clutch framework offers more lubrication, performs smoother shifts, has better fuel efficiency, and exhibits enhanced cooling performance, which is an essential feature for cars that posses a higher spinning force. The fundamental goal of Hyundai behind this development is to amplify the driving experience of the Veloster N and make it climb the ladders of popularity in the hot hatch segment.

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