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The Haunting of the Hill house : release date, plot, cast and characters

Haunting of Bly Manor

Arguably the most well-made show on Netflix, The Haunting of Hill house finally returns for a second season. The official release for the show was set as October 9th, 2020 under the new name “The Haunting of Bly Manor.” The series first came out on October 12th, 2018, and was directed by Mike Flanagan.

After its release, the show instantly caused waves around social media platforms, and almost everyone had heard about the “bent neck lady”. This isn’t just your average horror show. Hill House has one of the best plots in all of the horror genre and definitely isn’t meant for the weak at heart. The show has done one season with 10 episodes. 

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The Haunting of the Hill House follows the individual lives of the Crain family. The family consisting of Hugh, Olivia, and their five children. It revolves around the misfortunes they faced as a family and individuals throughout their lives. 

Firstly, it all started after the family moved into hill house after they bought the house to renovate it and sell it at a profit. This was what Hugh and Olivia did for a living but, this time was slightly different. The house was haunted by the hill family and Poppy hill in particular who kept seeing Olivia and talking to her until it drove her crazy.

Moreover, the show has several deeper meanings and hidden Easter eggs and their attention to detail is immaculate. The show portrays the five different ways in which each of the children chose to cope with everything going on in their lives, particularly well. The next season of the show shows some of the same cast but no longer in the same setting or story. It will feature a new plot surrounding the Bly Manor and its residents.

Cast and characters

Several of last seasons characters are confirmed to be cast again but in completely new roles. These include:

  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen 
  • Catherine Parker
  • Victoria Pedretti 
  • Henry Thomas 
  • Kate Siegel

Several new established actors that have been added to the cast are:

  • T’Nia Miller
  • Amelia Smith
  • Benjamin Ainsworth 

And a whole host of new stars.

Haunting of the Hill House season 2

Going by the teaser trailer and the first look images of the new Netflix show, the new season seems already fully geared up to match or even top the first season. The production crew’s attention to detail and tidy presentation never fails to captivate the audience. The show coupled with the constant unexpected twists and revelations. In conclusion with all things considered; the show is surely one to look out for.

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