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The Greatest ‘Megastar Wars’ Movie Plot Twists of All Time

With the discharge of “Megastar Wars: The Upward push of Skywalker” and the promise of much more edge-of-seat plot twists and turns looming ever nearer, we glance again and pick the most productive moments from the films while you stated to your self, “I didn’t see that coming.”

So if you have not observed any “Megastar Wars” motion pictures, be warned. There are spoilers forward for all 8 of the Skywalker legacy motion pictures, in addition to for the trailers most effective for “Upward push of Skywalker.” We are additionally together with “Rogue One” and “Solo: A Megastar Wars Tale” on this combine. And we will make sure to replace this as soon as “Upward push of Skywalker” warps in from a galaxy a long way, a long way away. 

Ok, right here we move!

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10. The Loss of life Megastar II Is Totally Operational

Seems the Bothan spies were given their data flawed concerning the new Loss of life Megastar. D’oh. (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie: “Megastar Wars: Episode VI – Go back of the Jedi”

Synopsis: After finding out that the Emperor himself is overseeing the overall levels of the development of the second one Loss of life Megastar and believing the guns techniques not to but be operational, the Rebellion Alliance launches an all-out assault the use of each and every send that they have got. Upon rising from hyperspace, they temporarily uncover to their horror that now not most effective is the protect nonetheless functioning, however that the struggle station is actually absolutely armed and operational, succesful of simply destroying each and every Rebellion cruiser within the fleet.

The Twist: With part the Imperial fleet ready to ambush the Rebellion fleet, we assumed that may do it, however having the Loss of life Megastar’s weapon techniques operation as properly was once simply darned sneaky. 

9. Lando owned the Millennium Falcon

One YT-1300 Corellian mild freighter, 120,000 light-years, two earlier homeowners. (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie: “Megastar Wars: Episode V – The Empire Moves Again”

Synopsis: Having most effective simply avoided seize each on Hoth and the asteroid box chase, the Millennium Falcon with Leia, Han, Chewie and C-3PO onboard make their option to Cloud Town, a Tibanna gasoline mining facility, positioned within the setting of the gasoline large Bespin. The administrator of this facility is Lando Calrissian, a smuggler, gambler and scoundrel. He is additionally an previous pal of Han’s and it seems, the previous proprietor of the Millennium Falcon, which he misplaced to Han “honest and sq.” in a recreation of Sabacc.

The Twist: The love that Han has for the Falcon is apparent in “A New Hope” so we simply by no means anticipated any person else to have ever owned this beautiful send that may move .Five previous mild velocity.

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8. Boba Fett was once a clone

Boba’s father, Jango wasn’t thought to be a Mandalorian, in spite of dressed in their armor. (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie: “Megastar Wars: Episode II – Assault of the Clones”

Synopsis: Obi Wan Kenobi has controlled to pinpoint the site of the thriller planet Kamino and upon visiting it, he learns that the population focus on cloning. He discovers a sizeable order were positioned for a clone military through Jedi Grasp Sifo-Dyas. The template for the cloned soldiers was once a bounty hunter named Jango Fett, considered the most productive hunter within the galaxy by the point of the Separatist Disaster. With the exception of his fee, Fett requested for an unaltered clone for himself to boost as his son, Boba.

The Twist: Boba Fett’s background was once an unwritten tale after “The Empire Moves Again” and might theorized he can have been a former Stormtrooper, however nobody anticipated he was once a clone.


 7. Leia is Luke’s sister

Yikes, so, er…what took place on Hoth remains on Hoth, proper? (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie: “Megastar Wars: Episode VI – Go back of the Jedi”

Synopsis: Luke returns to Dagobah as promised Yoda – albeit a couple of years overdue – and Yoda peacefully passes, however prior to he does, he near to manages to exhale one thing about “some other Skywalker.” The Drive Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi seems and Luke asks him what Yoda supposed. The Emperor knew that if Anakin had any youngsters they would be a possible danger, so Luke and his dual sister have been separated at start; Luke drew the fast straw and ended up on Tatooine, whilst Leia was once despatched to Alderaan.

The Twist: After Luke spent all of “A New Hope” chasing after Leia after which making out together with her in “Empire Moves Again” we no doubt did not see the circle of relatives connection coming. Ewww.

 6. Darth Vader kills the Emperor 

After 23 years as Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker realizes he nonetheless has just right within him and saves his son. (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie: “Megastar Wars: Episode VI – Go back of the Jedi”

Synopsis: Luke surrenders to Darth Vader on Endor and Vader delivers his son to the Emperor. Palpatine tries to goad Luke into attacking him and subsequently having to battle his father. Luke’s anger boils over, however he refuses to kill his father and proudly proclaims to the Emperor that he has misplaced. So Palpatine is going to kill Luke with Drive Lightning and on the ultimate conceivable second, Vader realizes there’s nonetheless just right within him and throws Palapatine down a shaft that leads the entire method from his throne room to the reactor of the Loss of life Megastar II, a distance of about 80km.

The Twist: Sure, we knew the Emperor must die to loose the galaxy, however we did not be expecting Darth Vader will be the one to get rid of him. 

 5. Stability was once restored to the Drive, simply now not how we anticipated

Concern ends up in anger. Anger ends up in hate. And hate ends up in the darkish facet. (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie: “Megastar Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”

Synopsis: In step with the Jedi prophecy (and the Megastar Wars Fandom wiki), “A Selected One shall come, born of no father, and thru him will final steadiness within the Drive be restored.”

All through the overall years of the Galactic Republic, Jedi Grasp Qui-Gon Jinn came upon the Selected One within the shape of Anakin Skywalker, a human kid on this planet Tatooine. Skywalker become an exceptionally tough Jedi prior to falling to the darkish facet of the Drive. Adopting the identification of Darth Vader, he participated within the systematic purge that left the Jedi all however extinct.

The Twist: The prophecy instructed of steadiness being restored the Drive. On the other hand, everybody assumed the sunshine facet would win over … now not the darkish. Peace was once certainly restored, however beneath a dictatorship.  

 4. Kylo Ren kills Han Solo 

A personality as vital as Han actually must have had a better-written finishing. (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie: “Megastar Wars: Episode VII – The Drive Awakens”

Synopsis: Han, Chewie and Finn have infiltrated the First Order’s Starkiller Base to rescue Rey and deactivate a thermal oscillator (no matter this is)  so the primary assault can start – you already know, identical to in “A New Hope.” Kylo Ren confronts his father, Han Solo and prefer an Anakin-esque kid affected by teenage angst, he mercilessly turns on his lighsaber and straight away impales Han. What makes it actually unhappy is that deficient Chewbacca has to look at his easiest pal die, pointlessly. 

The Twist: To be truthful, like the remaining of this film, Han’s demise was once disappointing. Nobody noticed this coming…as it was once lame. Han’s ultimate scene must’ve been extra like the top of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Child.”

 3. The Loss of life Megastar’s weak point was once sabotage

Galen Erso at the beginning believed he was once running on a mission to advertise sustainable power. (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie:  “Rogue One: A Megastar Wars Tale”

Synopsis: Famend scientist Dr. Galen Erso was once abducted through Orson Krennic, Director of the Imperial Complicated Guns Analysis Company and compelled to expand the Loss of life Megastar. Since he was once having to paintings beneath duress, he applied a selected design characteristic into its development that he knew would by no means be spotted; a small thermal exhaust port positioned in a single of the numerous trenches that lead immediately to the primary reactor. An actual hit with a proton torpedo must get started a sequence response and spoil the station.

The Twist: Previous to 2016 – and for 39 years – we had believed that once cautious research of the design specs, the highest Rebellion boffins had discovered a flaw … however actually it was once planned.

 2. Darth Vader is Luke’s father 

Indisputably, one of essentially the most dramatic moments in recent sci-fi, again when the “Megastar Wars” motion pictures have been well-written. (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie: “Megastar Wars: Episode V – The Empire Moves Again”

Synopsis: Darth Vader has moderately orchestrated a war of words between himself and Luke Skywalker in order that he may freeze Luke in carbonite and ship him to the Emperor. On the other hand, Luke has had slightly coaching from Yoda to arrange him and the lightsaber duel does not rather move the best way Darth sought after. Because the battle seems to be nearing its finish, Vader tries some other way and divulges that opposite to what Obi Wan had instructed him, he’s actually Luke’s father.  

The Twist: Nobody noticed that coming! Thank heavens there wasn’t social media in 1980 when Empire got here out. There is not any method the sector would’ve been ready to stay {that a} secret. 

 1. Palpatine is alive?

 "Long have I waited ... " the Emperor sneers in the final trailer for "The Rise of Skywalker."

 “Lengthy have I waited … ” the Emperor sneers within the ultimate trailer for “The Upward push of Skywalker.” (Symbol credit score: Lucasfilm)

Movie: “Megastar Wars: Episode IX – The Upward push of Skywalker”

Synopsis: Granted, we do not know the specifics of this one – but – however we do know that come what may Emperor Palpatine options within the new “Megastar Wars” film, which was once surprising, for the reason that ultimate time we noticed him at the large display he was once plummeting 80km down an enormous open shaft that lead immediately to the second one Loss of life Megastar’s major reactor. There are a pair of theories as to how that is conceivable, which come with time commute and one thing known as the Unknown Areas, whether or not this play an element, we will in finding out within the movie. 

The Twist: It is protected to mention Palpatine’s go back was once a wonder … and relying on the way it’s treated, it might both be a pleasant concept, or a disastrous one who radiates lazy writing. We will quickly see.

“Megastar Wars: The Upward push of Skywalker” opens in theaters Dec. 20. It additionally has a 155-minute runtime, making it the longest Megastar Wars film ever.

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