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The fantasy drama “Legacies” : A spin off of a spin off

“Legacies” is an American fantasy drama series created by Julie Plec which has completed two seasons so far. Season 1 of the show premiered on October 25, 2018 and Season 2 on October 10, 2019 on The CW Network. The supernatural fantasy drama has gained a good rating of 4.6/5 from the audience and has an approval rating of 82% based on the reviews. Legacies starring Daniel Rose Russell as the main lead, Kaylee Bryant, Jenny Boyd, Matthew Davis and Aria Shahghasemi can make you Binge-Watch.


This show is a spin off of a spin off

         Legacies is actually a spin off of “The Originals” which was a spin off of “The Vampire Dairies”. To begin with, the series “The Vampire Dairies” was released in 2009. Based on this, the series “The Originals” was released in 2013 and then came the “Legacies” in 2018 that features characters from its predecessor.

The Storyline and Plot

          Legacies tells the story of Hope Mikaelson ( played by Daniel Rose Russell ) a 17 year old girl who descended from some of the most powerful werewolf, vampire and witch bloodlines. When there’s no place in the world for someone like her who was born from evil fighting everyday to be good. she gets to attend  The Salvatore School , a supernatural high school for the young and gifted. The school provides a refuge for the supernatural beings where they can learn a bit of magic and control their powers and impulses.

Renewal of the series for a Third Season

       With a total of 32 episodes from the last two seasons, the show is geared up for a season 3. The CW has renewed Legacies for a third season. The filming of the third season began on October 15, 2020. So the show is set to premiere next year, which is expected to be on January 21, 2021.

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