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The Extraction: How Were The Incredible Action Scenes Shot?

The Extraction is a Chris Hemsworth-starrer original Netflix film, which released on April 23rd 2020.

Netflix has been in demand ever since the world has had to go into the lockdown mode over the Coronavirus situation. However, that does not necessarily stop us from having the times of our lives. Thanks to Netflix, there are quite a few, entertaining and gripping series and movies that one can watch online. Among the recently-released but quickly-popular originals was undoubtedly ‘The Extraction.’ It was the tremendous effort of the director as well as the producer to put this action-thriller forward and the world has not seen such quickness on-screen before. In addition to that was Chris Hemsworth’s wicked sense of style while performing the action sequences. This added to the success of the movie.

Why was The Extraction such a huge hit?

The action sequences in the movie were absolutely jaw-dropping. More than the effort put in by the stunts man or even the actor, the viewers were led through with a visual treat, thanks to the hard-work that was put together by the cameraman. While there were several non-stop sequences wherein the viewers received a first-person view at all the events taking place. Several instances recorded the camera following the subject, in question, which most of the times was Chris Hemsworth playing the role of Tyler Rake.

The famous 12-minutes action sequence of The Extraction

In a statement to Indiewire, the director of the movie Sam Hargrave described how they came to shoot a 12-minute, non-stop sequence of a hand-to-hand fight that involved Chris Hemsworth’s character. The relentless scene involves Tyle Rake trying to make the break for it along with the drug-lord’s son Ovi, who the former was meant to extract. He is trying to avoid the police and military of Dhaka, who have decided to give up all the other tasks and put their lives at stake by following Tyler Rake.  Other than that, we have Randeep Hooda’s character, Saju – who is a deadly assassin himself, following Tyler Rake and almost dying by his hands or even getting Tyler killed. All of these characters were put together along with several scenes that involved car explosions, vehicle crashing and some physical fighting as well.

Sam Hargrave on the 12-minute action sequence

In the interview with Indiewire, Sam stated that it took them roughly four to five months to get that sequence to go from conception to execution. He has re-written the sequence several times to ensure that the scene flows the right away. His intention was to make people aware that it had been a continuous take and there were no cuts even when the background of the sequences was changing. According to Sam Hargrave, an action scene cannot be action just for the sake of it. He believes that the scene should be able to hit the key story points and gradually take the wraps off all the details, entailing the character. He wanted to further highlight the relationship that Tyler shared with Ovi.

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