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Stargate Universe is coming up with its season 3 !

Stargate Universe is a science friction series. After the end of the last season, the audience is excited about another season. The audience is curious to know whether season 3 is coming up or not. It has already been announced by the creator that the series is not coming up with season 3. As per sources season, 3 is not being renewed by the production. At the end of the last season, there was an unanswered question in which the audience was expecting to be answered in the next season, but the question will remain a question.

From the very beginning, the series did not have great followers who made the creators drop the idea of season 3. Even the rating of the series was not up to the mark. Creators have announced that they will not pick up the series for another season, and the last season was the end of Stargate Universe. “With a heavy heart, we have to notify all the fans and viewers of Stargate Universe it will not come back to entertain for the 3rd season. The series will not be able to satisfy the crowd.”

The story of Stargate revolves around soldiers and the common man how they were caught up in the spaceship and their survival story. All they want is to go back home (blue earth plant ). The series is set in Stargate establishment. Initially, a movie was planned, but the plan got canceled. Instead, a television series got the go-ahead signal. The series was picked up from the narrative of the movie. The first season was released in 2009, and the second season was released in 2010.

Robert Carlye is seen in the role of Nicholas Rush, Louis Ferreira as Everett Young, Brain J. Smith as Chloe Armstrong, and David Blue as Eli Wallance, Alaina Huffman, as Tamara Johansen, and many more.

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