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The Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And More!

The animated adventure series created by Aaron Ehasz has won many hearts.

Thanks to the special initiatives put in by two of the most brilliant artists of the animated world, Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, due to which our world currently has The Dragon Prince as many of the shows that can be indulged on. With their creative forces, they forged a story that represented a form of premium force for the human world. The story took us on a journey where we witnessed destruction and the misuse of the same.

What we were able to discover all the three seasons of The Dragon Prince, was the fact that we were able to understand that the premium forces had caused a state of doom over the whole existence of the human race. When this situation arose, we were able to see how the magical land of Xadia ended up raging a war with the humans. The great outcome of this war is yet to be discovered. Fortunately, the creators have not yet fully explored this angle, thus leaving quite a bit to be covered in a potential fourth season. So this is good news, all you Dragon Prince fans.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Dragon Prince season 4:


The series first released on the online-streaming platform, Netflix back on September 14th, 2018. The audience ended up falling in love with the series in the first glimpse itself. There was no looking back since then. We were able to discover a journey of three consecutive series that eventually uncovered many life-long-valuable lessons. We ended up being subjects of thrill and adventure – all at once. The humour aspect added to the animated series was also quite understandable.

According to the most recent reports, Netflix has already officially announced the season’s fourth season. However, they have not provided any details regarding when they plan on releasing the series. There is a high possibility that we might receive firm dates for the release of the show some time towards the end of this year. As we already know, the current coronavirus situation has ended up causing quite a stir in the film industry and it might take some time before everything eventually goes back to being normal.


Till date, we were able to follow the story till the fact that the Dragon King had begun working alongside the continent of Xadia. They were able to discover the fact that magic actually exists. During this phase, they understand that magic consists of six primal sources. The six primal sources are as follows:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Stars
  • Sky
  • Earth
  • Ocean

Take a look at the trailer:

The group consisted of three members, i.e. creatures, dragons and elves who were thriving to live in the same existence. However, now we also had the human-kind who are live together in peace. Soon enough, the human race shows its true colors and begins exploiting the resources that they had access to. They also begin the use of dark magic along the way

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