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The details on Log Horizon season 3: cast, plot and release date

Log Horizon is an anime series, which is based on a Japanese novel written by Mamare Touno. It is an adventurous science fiction story. The novel was converted into a light series. The series was released on 5 October 2013.

The second series was released in 2015—the show release on NHK educational TV. The fans were eagerly waiting for the third season. The officials have recently announced the news about the third season. Get to know about the cast, plot, and the release date of Log Horizon season 3. 

The name of the third season will the same name as the 12th novel in the series, ‘Log Horizon: Fall Of The Round Table.’

Plot of Log Horizon season 3

In the second season, they showed their adventures and how they were trapped in the game world. The struggle they faced to adjust to the new lifestyle and the fear of living on the beasts planets. The third season plot is not confirmed yet. The series is out of the source. They may show the parting between the east and the empires. There will be an addition of new monsters. The fight between them and the unknown monsters will be the main plot. How Tenwazavai plans to defeat the main monster and how they survive in the world filled with monsters. 

Cast of Log Horizon season 3

We can definitely expect the leads voice star to return for the third sequel. That includes Daiki Yamashita will give a voice for Touya, Jovan Jackson will be the vocalist of Nyanta, Mike Yager will return as Shiroe, Yumi Hara will give a voice for Mariella. While Tomoaki Maeno will give a voice for Noatsugu, and Memiri Kato will be for Akatsuki. The other characters are not confirmed yet. And there is no official news about the new addition of new characters. 

Release date of Log Horizon season 3

The second season of ‘Log Horizon’ was released on 4 October 2014. Later the second season, the anime had entangled with the light novel sequel. The fans waited for a long time for the third season. Finally, The Log Horizon team has officially announced that season 3 will be aired on NHK educational in October 2020. 

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