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The DC Comic – Wonder Woman 1984 Could Be Delayed Again. Check It Out For More Detail’s!!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 might be delayed this time again, regardless of its launch date next month. The forthcoming DC Extended Universe film has been a long time coming.

Warner Bros declared – The film might be postponed once again. Ann Sarnoff (the CEO) calls it a movie that deserves to be on the big screen. Since Gal Gadot’s return to her superhero role was being delayed several times prior, also before pre-pandemic, we aren’t counting down the days comparatively yet.

Originally, the sequel was all set to launch in late 2019. After postponing with twice the release dates, it was then moved to June 2020. However, the COVID-19 stroke US, attacking almost every film launching this past summer. Hence, Wonder Woman 1984 had to be delayed to August, before being bounced to the 2nd October date from June.

Going from World War I to the 80s is quite a big leap period, the viewers should rest assured that Wonder Woman 1984 will leave back what she was up to, besides all of that period.

Because of the approach of DC fandom that we have found an image yet of Wonder Woman 1984, mainly with the announcement of Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah. Before, all the fans and audience got to watch only Kristen Wiig before her alteration into the monstrous feline. But with the release of a recent trailer, the viewers got to see her full-fledged going in opposition to Wonder Woman.

According to the sources, the Warner Bros plan taking the next move will likely depend entirely on Tenet’s act. Still, the studio has time to gaze at its box office count before making any decision. The concept of Wonder Woman 1984 taking Dune’s place might be the better one as well.

On live show having a conversation with THR, Warner Bros. CEO Ann acknowledged to a question about the film Wonder Woman 1984 possibly taking Dune’s place this December. He said she did voice support for our film being hit on the big screen and by adding another statement to it as – “We are still finding out the strategy for all of our films. We have done quite a lot. Hence, Wonder Woman 1984 is next in line. As of now, it is where it is. Like I said earlier, specific films deserve to be on the large screen. We believe that Wonder Woman is one of those.”

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