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The Darkest Minds 2: When it is making its hit on the screen, will it be different this time?

The darkest mind production is ultimately getting ready for its second sequence which is based on the novel “Never Fade”. As the director, Jennifer Yuh Nelson declared openly that she would be happy to return for a second film in the franchise of darkest minds but no plans respecting production have been announced.

The Darkest Minds is an American Dystopian superhero film which is directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson; based on the novel “the darkest minds” by Alexandra Bracken.

As the storyline happens in a dystopian future; a syndrome which overrules the American citizens evacuating the survivors with different abilities. When teens mysteriously improve powerful new abilities they are declared a warning by the government and imprisoned.

One of the most powerful young people, Ruby is the main lead who possesses with the powers of reading other people’s minds and departures from her camp and joins a group of escaper where the character Liam and his friends show up, who are in search East river which is a safe place to lie low and survive in that world. They must use their combined powers to ways of opposition and take back their future rather than pushing away from it. The love between Ruby and Liam shows very romantically and intensely to the audience which we all can expect in the second part of the darkest minds.

The first sequel broadcasted on the big screen on 3rd August 2018 on Netflix, the storyline, directing, acting and writing received negative and mixed up reviews from the watchers and was mentioned as “lack of personality movie”.

What do we see if the film planned for the second sequel? 

We could see that as Ruby sets out across a desperate lawless country to find Liam- and also finds answers about the disaster that has ripped both her life and American people apart. She is ripped between old friends and the promise she made to assist the association is shown in the second part of the franchise. Ruby tries to do everything possible to protect the people she loves.

As the 1st part falls on the story of the first volume of the darkest minds, where Jennifer announced that she may get a 2nd sequel which is based on the 2nd book of the Darkest mind – Never Fade.

Crew members who acted in the movie:

Amandla Stenberg as Ruby Daly

Skylan Brooks as Chubs

Mandy Moore s Cate

Harris Dickinson as Liam 

Bradley Whitford as President Gray

Patrick Gilson as Clancy Gray

Wade Williams as The Captain

MMark O’ Brien as Rob.


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