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The Crown season 5: Is the drama back with more seasons?

The Crown

The Crown is a historical drama which talks about the life and story of Queen Elizabeth II. The creator of the show is Peter Morgan and Andrew Eaton is the producer. The show first aired on 4 November 2016 following The Crown season 2 in 2017. The other two seasons followed consecutively. Now the anticipation is regarding The Crown season 5. The fans have good news as the team is all set for a season 5. However, there were rumours regarding the fifth season being the last but it was later changed after the team discussed the plot. The season five can be expected towards the mid or end of 2021. Further, continue reading to know about this royal drama.

What is The Crown about?

As the name suggests, it tells the story of England’s royal family. Season 1 talks about Queen Elizabeth’s marriage II with Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Season 1 shows the resignation of the prime minister and retirement of Anthony Eden and Harold Macmillan. Following this, we also see the Profumo affair and birth of Prince Edwards. The Crown season 2 and 3 focused on more affairs in the royal household and elections. The final season saw the debut of Princess Diana and her marriage to Prince Charles. It also displays the birth of their two children. The next season will continue from here and show more of the life of Lady Diana and her two children.

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Other Updates on The Crown season 5

The Crown season 5 has been announced to begin production. However, we can expect it to air, not before June 2021. The fans are eagerly waiting to see more of Lady Diana. The team has also mentioned about the sixth season.

The cast of the show includes Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II, Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, Dominic West as Prince Charles, and the others. The former cast is also expected to return.


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