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The Crown Season 4 could Invite Royal Fury! Know Why

The Crown is set to return on screens with season 4. This show has been interesting and emo at the same time. The Netflix original drama will portray new incidents related to Princess Diana. However, there is one specific scene that might upset the Royal family. Read ahead to know more.

About The Crown

The Crown is a historical drama web series on Netflix. The plot is based on a 2013 play known as “The Audience”. It is created by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television. The show has completed three seasons till date. It has been renewed for season 4. It will release in November 2020. Also, the show has already been scheduled to film for further seasons in the coming years.

The show is the portrayal of the Royal family in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It has covered every chapter of her life. For instance her wedding, Philip Mountbatten etc, until the 21st century.

So far, The Crown has covered various major Royal affairs. From Winston Churchill’s resignation to The Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II. Now, the fourth season will portray Margaret Thatcher’s premiership. It will also feature the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Subsequently, Princes William and Harry will be introduced.

What could offend the Royal Family?

The Crown season 4 is about Princess Diana’s time in the Royal Family. The new season includes her wedding with Prince Charles. In addition, she will appear at the Barnado’s Champion Children Awards. Also, Diana’s 1989 flight on Concorde will be featured as well.

However, the show is also said to present Princess Diana’s fight with Bulimia. A few episodes of season 4 will portray Princess Diana coping with her crumbling marriage. Apparently, her eating disorder was caused because of her failing marriage. Hence, Emma Corin, who plays Diana, will be seen stuffing food in her mouth and vomiting into a toilet.

According to the reports, the Royals might find it unkind. It is being said that it will be highly uncomfortable for Princes and other royals. However, Prince Harry might not criticize it, provided his deal with Netflix.
Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle partnered with Netflix. It is a million pound deal to create original content and children’s TV shows.

TV insider said, “there are few more sensitive subjects than the plight of their mother. Viewers of The Crown wouldn’t expect the writers to ignore something which is now a matter of public record. But the Royal Family also wouldn’t expect one of their own to take money made by the profits of shows like this.”

On the other hand, The Crown’s producers said that they have been cautious. The team consulted the eating disorder charity called BEAT. The aim was to handle it sensitively. Therefore, they worked closely with the them to ensure the accurate depiction of Diana’s eating disorder.

Cast of The Crown

The Crown is set in different timelines. Hence, new characters are added every season. Consequently, the show casts new faces in every new season. However, the Key characters and cast are as follows:

First look of Emma Corrin as Princess Diana and Josh O Connor as Prince Charles
  • Emma Corrin as Lady Diana Spencer
  • Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles
  • Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II
  • Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret
  • Marion Bailey as Queen Elizabeth
  • Gillian Anderson as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
  • Emerald Fennell as Camilla Parker Bowles
  • Charles Dance as Louis Mountbatten

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