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‘The Conjuring 3’: Get All The Details Here!

Find out all about the release date, casts and plotline of ‘The Conjuring 3’ here.

James Wan has built himself the reputation of creating some of the most gut-wrenching horror films we know. He is popular for providing the horror movie-fans with the likes of spectacular productions such as ‘SAW,’ and ‘Insidious.’ The most popular among all is perhaps, his ‘Conjuring’ series, which is based on a series of true events. ‘The Conjuring’ ended up topping all charts with his first theatrical release. The director was successful at bringing together a beautiful audio and visual experience that kept the viewers at the edge of their seats.

‘The Conjuring’ released back in 2013. It has been nearly seven years since then and the director was sure to release another installment. Rumors now suggest that there is reportedly a fourth film in the making. The third installment will reportedly be called, ‘The Devil Made Me Do It.’ As far as the release date is concerned, the creators have not yet confirmed any date. Way back in 2018, the producer of the film, Peter Safran had stated that they will be looking at releasing the film in 2020. Rumors that are currently circulating online suggest that they may release the movie in September, 2020 but as we mentioned previously, take this news with a pinch of salt as none of it has been confirmed as yet.

With the upcoming film, the Warren family is expected to return. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will bring life to ‘Conjuring 3’ with their roles as Ed and Lorraine respectively. In other words, it is safe to assume that the film will represent continuation from the previous installment. No other significant roles have yet been added to the franchise.

On the basis of the little information we currently have, the upcoming part will explore the chilling and terror-filled story of a small town, which is haunted by an unknown evil. The evil is the same that has haunted Ed and Lorraine’s characters in the past. This will also be considered to be among their most controversial cases. The film involves a young boy, who is fighting to defend his soul from the devil. This, like the previous two parts, is also based on a true story. It will be covering the first time in the history of crimes in the U.S. that a murder suspect had proclaimed the possession of demon as defense. Warner Bros Pictures and New Line Cinema are together coming to bring the movie to fruition.

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