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The Boys Season 2 Is Here And Here’s What The fans Have To Say!

The Boys Season 2

One of Amazon Prime’s most famous superhero web drama series has been finally back with its next sequel, The Boys Season 2, and fans are thrilled! The Boys, which was firstly debuted on 26 July 2019, received tonnes of positive response due to which the makers decided to bring back another of its season. Created by Eric Kripke, this web series is adapted from a comic book of the same name.

This series has been quite popular among the audience because of its fresh story-line, and its popularity can be interpreted from its outstanding rating of 8.7 out of 10.

The series tells us the story of a world where people with extraordinary powers worshiped as heroes by the layman. This is fine as long as the ‘superheroes’ use it for the benefit of the world and the people living in it, but what happens when these ‘superheroes’ is start abusing their supernatural powers for their ulterior motives?

The plot revolves around some familiar guys who go ahead and expose two such prestigious institutions – Seven and Vought. This story is about the ordinary versus the extraordinary, and whether or not the truth prevails at the end.

When Did The Trailer Release?

The official trailer of The Boys Season 2 released by Amazon Prime Videos on 4 August 2020, exactly a month before its official release on the OTT platform.

Has Prime Videos Launched The Boys Season 2?

Yes, the wait is over for all the fans out there. Amazon Prime Videos has finally come up with the second season of one of the most awaited series of the year. Season 2 is live since 4 September 2020 onwards.

This season expected to comprise with 8 episodes in total. As of now, three of its episodes have been life; the rest of them supposed to go up from 11 September 2020 onward till 9 October 2020.

What Do Fans Have To Say About The New Season?

As a surprise to a lot of us, the season 2 of The Boys have been heavily criticized. The Boys Season 1, suddenly flooded with negative remarks on the release of its second season. What made this happen?

This because Amazon Prime decided to launch each of its episodes every week, unlike its first season, where all the episodes available at once. Due to this, a lot of fans have been greatly disappointed with Amazon Prime’s new release format. Some of them even threatened to boycott Amazon Prime in the near future.

What do you think about this new format? Tell us in the comment section below.

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